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| February, 14 2024 | for Kent M. Matsuda, MD

Dr. Kent Matsuda, thank you.

In October I found myself in an isolation room at Providence Hospital here in Santa Rosa, CA. What brought me there was an unsuccessful Spinal Cord Stimulator procedure. The doctor who did the procedure "forgot" to give me any antibiotics to take home with me. Major vertebral Infection set in within two days. After much testing, the hospital diagnosed me as having Sepsis. I had very serious infection set in my vertebral discs and in my psoas muscle.

Seeing as how I had just signed up with MDVIP two weeks earlier and had yet to have my first in person visit with Dr. Matsuda, it was Amazing to me and my wife that he showed up in my Hospital Isolation room Every Day that I was in there...and included me in his Morning Hospital Rounds!!!

What wonderful professionalism and Caring towards me and my wife in the midst of a very Serious Period in my Life. It meant SO MUCH to us. Thankyou.