She Has Saved My Life

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| January, 19 2024 | for Lanore Najor, DO
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Primary Immune Deficiency is a rare disease and I use the "Boy in the Bubble" to help describe it, to indentify the fact that my body hasn't made antibodies, even sometimes to things for which I've been vaccinated. As it became apparent that I was getting infections more than a half dozen in a year, my PCP decided that I should have a standing order for a CBC, not go to her office where I might pick up something else, but go to the lab and she would hear the results of the labs within two hours. Actually, we hear well before that, then she will decide what to do, more likely than not, go directly to the ER. This process has saved a lot of time, continues my "strict avoidance" process of not going to crowded places where there could be an abundace of germs, and advance the timing of ER care. More than not, I've been admitted to the hospital immediately, thereby shortening the time from labs to hospital care.

As I recall, one Friday evening, my husband and I were preparing for a trip to Aruba, and Dr. Najor called about 10pm and said she'd be more cofortable with my going to the ER, rather than getting a plane for vacation early the next morning. Of course we were disappointed, as we couldn't go since I was admitted that night. Just another case of her making sure that I got immediate care.

Not all of my docs understand the importance of immediate testing and doctor intervention with a Primary Immune Deficiency, but Dr. Najor does.

I just wanted to reach out and thank her once again for her unwavering care, her immediate attention to my symptoms, and even the calls I get "Haven't heard from you in a while? You doing okay??"

So grateful to be under Dr. Lanore Najor's care.