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| March, 21 2023 | for Allan McKenzie, MD

We have worked with Dr. Allan McKenzie for three or four years, after a really bad experience with a primary care physician. Dr. McKenzie has gone way above and beyond for both my husband, and myself. He has been especially helpful in helping us manage specialists needed for a disease that my husband has, and is always available when my husband has an episode or is in in pain, to try to help us through it. Just being able to connect with him has been a true blessing. He truly has helped my husband in difficult ongoing circumstances, and helps manage on a complete level, to help him get his strength back. I can't say enough good things about having a doctor who cares, when many in the health care industry don't seem to.

For myself, the annual proactive physicals and advice from Dr. McKenzie has helped me improve my weight, my strength and my general health. I feel like we have a partnership in our health care that is simply the best, and I recommend Dr. McKenzie for anyone seeking intelligent and caring health care. He has simply been the best doctor either my husband or I have ever worked with.