So Grateful To Have Dr. Miller

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| April, 10 2024 | for Jennifer K. Miller, MD

I recently injured my knee and made an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor. I was able to see the PA. After being xrayed, he recommended an MRI. I waited a week to hear from them and finally was able to communicate with them, their MRI machine was broken. I requested an appointment with another facility. I had the MRI, was given a copy on a disc and no diagnosis. I was told the orthopedic doc would contact me. After several days of no communication, I was prompted to text Dr. Jennifer Miller. I had my results within 30 minutes and a course of treatment. I called the orthopedic office and was given a follow up appointment a month following my first appointment. No diagnosis or treatment. If it weren't for Dr. Miller I would still be hobbling around on my injured knee, completely in the dark as to the cause of my discomfort. I work in a dental practice and I liken this to our office taking an xray on a hurting patient and waiting a month to diagnose them. Unfortunately, I feel like this is the norm today for medical treatment. I am so grateful to Dr. Miller and MDVIP for my personal care and prompt treatment. I should have reached out to her immediately upon my injury. Next time I will take advantage of her personal service and attention. Thank you!