Thank you Dr. Felice Levine

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| March, 9 2024 | for Felice Levine, MD

As an active and energetic 80-year old female, I was completely taken by surprise by a recent illness that set me back for over a month. My amazing doctor, Felice Levine, treated every symptom and succeeded in eliminating them.
Here's my story:

I attended a funeral and was exposed to COVID-19. However, I had no symptoms but Dr. Levine decided that I should be tested for the virus, which was done on three separate occasions - they were always negative.

Furthermore, she took several different kinds of blood tests as well as a chest X-Ray that proved I had pneumonia. In reality, I never had a cough or any symptoms that would indicate I had pneumonia. But the X-Ray revealed that I did.

After seven days of antibiotic treatment, I still was listless and not feeling well. I was not myself. A culture was taken for sinus infections several days later with negative results (I have chronic sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma as well as many allergies) followed by a nuclear lung scan to determine if I had blood clots in my lungs - also negative. I remained very weak, no appetite, and lethargic.

Following one excruciating night of pain in my ear and pain spanning from one shoulder to the other shoulder, Dr. Levine called me in and more blood tests were taken. She was convinced that I had PMR, polymyalgia rheumatica, an autoimmune disease. A blood test proved her theory. She prescribed steroids and assured me that I would be feeling 'like a million dollars in no time." How right she was! About two hours after taking methylprednisolone, the pain that I experienced vanished and my tiredness dissipated. Nevertheless, she continues to research through an antibody test if indeed I contracted COVID-19.

How lucky was I! I know I have a very dedicated, highly intelligent, extremely supportive, and incredibly caring doctor. Never did she waiver - she was available whenever I called, fit me into her schedule for visits and was determined to get me well. I am not sure what lies ahead for me now that I have been diagnosed with this disease but I do know that I will be well-informed and treated by an exceptional doctor.

Thank you are the BEST!