Thank you Dr Karen Peters

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| March, 14 2024 | for Karen R. Peters, DO

Dr Peters has treated my children, husband and me for years. I love seeing her because she is very relatable as a parent, woman, human. She always makes time to focus on what’s going on with our family. During Covid she was very calm and helped us through an uncertain time. During life’s health / mental challenges she helped us find clarity in how to be our best selves. My husband was the first to enter her MDVIP program and has never been healthier. I’m really grateful for that. I wish insurance companies would support proactive vs reactive healthcare philosophy. Right now we have to pay for a luxury other counties consider common. For such a wealthy country, how are we in this place? Anyway, Dr. Karen Peters. We love and appreciate you. Thank you for helping our family navigate life’s health ups and downs!