Thank you, Dr. Seidt!

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| February, 18 2024 | for Richard J. Seidt, MD

Last year I had pulmonary embolisms and I don’t know where I’d be without Dr. Seidt. Having such a major health problem was extremely difficult to go through but from the minute I got sick Dr. Seidt was involved in every step of my long and scary journey. He went above and beyond to help me both physically and emotionally, something I’ve found to be rare these days in medicine. Dr. Seidt took the time, many times, to talk to me and explain everything in detail. Dr. Seidt always understood my concerns and always figured out the best plan. I’m so grateful for our experience together. I feel so blessed that I had such incredible support and care during such a trying time. Thank you a million times, Dr. Seidt, you are the gold standard.