They all get along well together. WE get along well as a result

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| December, 19 2022 | for John J. Nelson, MD

As I checked in for a recent appointment at the Perkins Campus in Mystic, receptionist Judy and I were talking about a new tribute award won by her office. I don't remember the wording on the plaque, but here's how Judy explained their success: "we all get along well together."

They work well togeher, they are a team. Judy, Christine, Nurse Chrissy, Dr. Nelson, and his partner, Dr. Rosemary Bontempo: all pulling on the oars, moving the boat in the same direction.

Of course we the patients (clients, customers) are the focuse of their attention. We get great service, from caring staff, professionals all, who know and treat us like family.

It's easy to see how Dr. John Nelson and team won their award. I would have voted for them given the chance.