A True Lifeline

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| April, 12 2024 | for Leah Ozdemir, DO, FACOI, CMD

I was referred to Leah Ozdemir DO following the sudden onset of neurological symptoms in my arm in 2021. My PCP at the time evaluated me a few times and said he had "nothing to offer me” in the way of a diagnosis. The symptoms increased in severity so I subsequently went to the neurosurgeon who repaired two cervical fracture dislocations following an MVA earlier in the year. An MRI showed nonspecific changes "unless there was a history of cancer" which I had. The neurosurgeon referred me to oncology. That first oncology experience was very negative and left us feeling that I had a hopeless & advanced case of metastatic breast cancer. At that time I was referred to Dr. Ozdemir. I was exhausted trying to manage my health with limited medical assistance or intervention. I professionally worked in nursing for 30 years but was so compromised during this time that I was quite ineffective in that task. My first appointment with Dr. Ozdemir was a true blessing. She began immediate referrals to a new oncology system and has created and maintained relationships with other specialists as needed. She has truly been a lifeline for me as we've navigated my new normal. She and her staff are delightful to work with and are very professional. I have a great deal of trust and respect for their expertise, care, and compassion. Thank you, Anita