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| March, 5 2024 | for Jennifer K. Miller, MD
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I went to a meeting a local Dr was having about an approach to healthcare where the patient is considered to be a VIP partner in proactive medical treatment. My wife was a patient of Dr Jennifer Miller already. At the meeting I met Dr Miller and listened to her approach. I was 60 years old and never had a female primary care physician before. It is one consideration to factor in, with the comfort of care combined with communication to facilitate a relaxed atmosphere. After the initial meeting I decided to try this novel approach to healthcare. I had no idea how talented Dr Miller was as I had no prior contact with her. My previous experience with Doctors during my lifetime prior to meeting Dr Miller was the typical 5 minute revolving door visit with a physician looking at a computer screen occasionally looking up as I was explaining what symptoms I could rush into conversation. Now, having said that I was pleasantly surprised when I went to visit Dr Miller and was introduced to her scientific approach with the best bedside manner of anyone I have ever met. Dr Miller doesn’t have a goal of me having lab results meeting the levels preset to prevent disease. We work together to have my levels of like for example A1C in the 5’s, normally below 5.5. We try to keep other levels like cholesterol etc, below normal acceptable levels because I am diabetic and have other technical health issues I.e. heart murmur. I will mention at this point because it’s important Dr Millers assistant/nurse Donna Bray is an outstanding nurse with the same bedside manner Dr Miller displays. These two ladies are like family in their work environment. I credit Dr Millers leadership and decision making in choosing Donna and developing a seamless work team. Dr Miller displays a caring approach to restoring health systems back to homeostasis. Medicine is sometimes needed and both Dr Miller and Donna are so attentive in answering calls as well as ordering meds and lab work with timely follow up. I have spoken about the working operation of Dr Millers medical practice. Now I would like to say a few words about the character and personality of this office led by Dr Miller. I have the highest respect and trust in Dr Millers research and familiarity in my own personal healthcare issues. I love the direct approach with a genuine caring attitude during treatment. Both parts of treatment are very important. Too many Doctors are great with knowledge and ability but how they relate to their patients leaves much to be desired. Having a caring, brilliant physician that takes the effort, time and has desire to listen and act on feedback is priceless. So your company is very fortunate to have Dr Milller and Donna representing your company. Whatever you can do to recognize her will be in your best interest. I have been pleasantly surprised how quickly she can diagnose some of the health issues I have had. I have enjoyed the collaboration between Dr Miller and I in this approach to solving my long term health care needs. We have taken a pro active approach to the inherited healthcare issues many of us face. So although my primary reason for engaging with Dr Milller was her scientific approach to healthcare, the primary reason for staying is along with the analytical lazar focuse she possesses her caring personality makes the experience comforting and valued. I am not writing this for literature and I won’t correct the editing. What I want to convey from this patient is how you picked a perfect physician for MDVIP. If I failed to convince you I have the best Dr in your vast network you have my contact information. Call me. I was a fireman for 43 years, I was an emergency operations guy spending over half my time in a city department in charge of entire emergency operations responses. What I am saying is I have some knowledge of how people treat others under stress. Dr Miller is as good as it gets. I am unapologetic in my praise for Dr Miller. Thanks for allowing me to enlighten you in case you didn’t know how blessed you are….. thanks.