Multi-Condition Management

Managing multiple conditions is not easy, but having an MDVIP-affiliated doctor by your side can make all the difference.

When you’re managing multiple health conditions, the healthcare system can often feel like a labyrinth of specialty doctors and treatment centers. In an MDVIP-affiliated practice, your physician can act as your “home base,” following up with your specialists and helping you to understand how your conditions affect your daily health. 

During unrushed visits, your personal doctor can place your immediate concerns in the larger context of your overall health and create a customized treatment plan for you. Leveraging the MDVIP Wellness Program detailed below, many MDVIP-affiliated physicians have helped limit the risk of disease-related complications, reduce the use of expensive medication and improve the overall health of their patients.

Program Features

  • Advanced screenings and tests to help identify risk factors and issues that can be treated early, prevented or even reversed
  • A customized wellness plan developed from your test results and built around you to address areas of concern
  • Nutrition and fitness guidance to help keep your cholesterol, blood pressure and weight in check
  • MDVIP Connect, your personal website and app, featuring health-specific meal plans and exercise programs


MDVIP-affiliated physicians have time to help you manage chronic conditions."I switched to MDVIP and Dr. Scanlon a couple of years ago because I felt that I was not getting the kind of medical care I wanted. I was seeing a number of specialists, but no one was keeping track of what the other was doing, and I was afraid that something would fall between the cracks.

"Now, I feel that there is one qualified medical professional overseeing all of my medical care. If I am sick, I know that I can get an appointment right away. If I have a question, I will get a call back. If I need a referral, I will be referred to a doctor I can trust, and Dr. Scanlon’s staff is friendly, helpful and efficient."

“Now I feel I am getting the kind of medical care I was looking for.”

— Kathryn, Patient of MDVIP Affiliate Sharon A. Scanlon, MD, FACP

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