Physician White Paper

Your well-being is just as important as your patients’.
Is practice burnout impacting your choices?


Physician Wellness Research Report

Results of a newly released physician survey reveal different lifestyle behaviors among primary care doctors practicing in volume-based versus retainer-based models.

  • The continued rise in physician burnout puts over 50% of doctors at possible risk of harmful consequences, professionally and personally, that can have implications for patient care.

  • This study shows how different practice models affect work-life balance and physicians’ healthy habits.

See how you stack up against your colleagues.

Today’s medical reality is that practice tensions stemming from excessive workloads, increasing administrative and regulatory demands that impede patient care and lack of work-life balance impact all physicians to a certain extent – though greater exposure will increase the likelihood of burnout. And research has shown that burnout syndrome is associated with higher rates of self-reported medical error and suboptimal patient care.1

But as the survey findings suggest, MDVIP-affiliated physicians outperform their peers in volume-based primary care when it comes to practicing healthy lifestyle behaviors. The MDVIP model is a solution helping to change the course of physician burnout, empowering doctors to practice medicine without sacrificing their own well-being. This report shows that MDVIP’s approach is helping physicians put time back on their side, regain control over their practice and personal lives, prioritize their own health and reunite with the very reason they decided to practice medicine in the first place.