COVID’s Effect on MDVIP Practices

Importance of the MDVIP Model During the Pandemic

MDVIP doctors have done well during the COVID-19 pandemicThe 2020-21 global COVID-19 crisis and national shutdown put many physicians in a dire situation, wondering amid continued uncertainty if they have a future. But while many traditional primary care practices are struggling, MDVIP-affiliated practices remain healthy.

Backed by 20 consecutive years of growth, the MDVIP model of membership-based, preventive care has been a source of security for our affiliated physicians and their patients. More than ever, patients are placing greater value on maintaining their health and building a closer relationship with a doctor who has time to get to know them on a more personal level. Similar to the market response MDVIP experienced during the 2008 Great Recession, economic downturns can be the impetus for people to prioritize their healthcare. Demand for more individualized care is here to stay.

With MDVIP’s ongoing support and resources, affiliated practices have remained financially viable while serving the increased patient need for personalized preventive care. That demand generated substantial new patient growth in 2020 and 2021 with an average MDVIP membership retention rate of 91%. Additionally, 111 physicians successfully transitioned to the MDVIP model from March 2020 to September 2021.

Our track record over two decades has helped improve the lives of 1,100+ physicians in solo, group and employed practices and over 360,000 patients across the country. Forces out of your control and a complex healthcare system have not been on your side, but that’s where MDVIP can help.


It saved my practice.

Julie Perrigin, MD | Dixon, Tennessee

When the COVID pandemic hit at the exact same time as my MDVIP opening, I was so afraid that everyone would drop out of the program. But with MDVIP’s support, not only did we NOT have patients drop out, but continued to grow week by week. The patients quickly realized that ESPECIALLY in such difficult times, their medical care was EVEN MORE priceless, and that having a physician who knew them, cared for them and was available to them in this model was necessary.

Being with MDVIP during this pandemic has not only allowed me to help my patients more than when I was in traditional medicine in my rural community, but it has also saved my practice.


Is your practice a good fit? With 20+ years of experience successfully transitioning practices to the MDVIP model, our team of experienced analysts will help you answer that question — at no risk or cost to you.