Can MDVIP Improve My Income?

Physicians practicing in the MDVIP membership model can significantly improve their income.* Assuming a similar per patient/per year reimbursement to a traditional practice, MDVIP-affiliated physicians gain a new source of predictable revenue that provides more stability, security and autonomy in a lower volume model. With panel sizes limited to 600 members, physicians enjoy more quality time with patients and less administrative hassles, staffing challenges and overhead costs – resulting in over 90% satisfaction with MDVIP. 


Predict Your Financial Benefit

How is MDVIP different than concierge medicine?

Although MDVIP personalized healthcare is sometimes referred to as concierge medicine, it’s not. Our model goes far beyond “fee-for-access” practices that are rightfully seen as a concierge service only accessible to the wealthy. Patients of MDVIP-affiliated physicians pay a reasonable fee for a defined set of medically-relevant services focused on early detection, prevention and wellness.

How do I know the MDVIP primary care model will work for me and my patients?

First, MDVIP has a proven forecasting formula to determine if you can achieve the practice experience you want for your patients. There is no cost for our evaluation of your practice, and no obligation. We’ve assessed over 5,600 practices encompassing more than 11 million patient records. We’ve surveyed over a million patients by phone. Our methodology to predict practice success has been refined by the brightest minds, including engineers from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and back-tested through regression analysis.

Will I get lots of calls after hours or when I go on vacation?

In smaller, MDVIP-affiliated practices where there’s more time for doctor-patient interaction and greater ability to see patients in the office at the onset of potential health problems, our physicians report a very light call volume after hours. Additionally, peer-reviewed published studies have found significantly reduced hospital admissions among patients in affiliated practices, which also translate to fewer calls.

How does MDVIP work with commercial insurance and Medicare?

Unlike concierge medicine or direct primary care models where physicians usually opt out of insurance, the MDVIP program is compatible with Medicare and most commercial plans, regardless of whether you’re an in-network or out-of-network provider. Aside from the MDVIP Wellness Program paid for by the annual patient membership fee, you can continue to collect co-pays and bill insurance for sick-care visits.

What is the Process to Explore MDVIP?

Determining whether MDVIP can work for you is straightforward and can be accomplished in just a few short weeks. It starts with contacting us at 1.800.706.4384 to speak with an MDVIP representative. We then conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if you can achieve the practice experience you want for your patients. This sophisticated, proprietary assessment has been refined over the past 20 years and is highly predictive of success for MDVIP’s affiliated practices.

What happens to patients who don’t join my MDVIP-affiliated practice?

This is the first question every physician asks and one that defines the integrity of MDVIP and of our affiliated physicians. Continuity of care for patients who choose not to join you in a new MDVIP-affiliated practice is our priority. We will not move forward unless a continuity-of-care plan is established with other local doctors with whom you’re comfortable, either in the group practice or the community. We take care of everything working with you and your patients to make the transition process as seamless as possible.

What kind of patients join MDVIP-affiliated practices?

Patients who join your practice will have an elevated interest in their health – prevention and management. They will highly regard your expertise and time, value their relationship with you and be motivated to work together with you so they can be healthy. And because they’ve chosen to invest in their wellness and fulfill their desire for more individualized attention, they tend to rely on your guidance for both lifestyle and treatment choices.

Why is the MDVIP model the best practice option for me?

MDVIP believes that closer doctor-patient relationships coupled with more time are the key ingredients for a better healthcare experience, and ultimately better results. Providing every patient the one-on-one time they need with you along with a more comprehensive approach to preventive care is only possible in smaller practices.

If your present patient load has you on the brink of burnout, perhaps contemplating early retirement or leaving medicine altogether, MDVIP offers you a healthier work/life balance and a means to continue doing what you love.