Women’s Health Program Prevention and Wellness

MDVIP-affiliated doctors can help prevent chronic illnesses.Women's Health and Disease Prevention

In a health system saturated with volume medicine and overcrowded waiting rooms, today’s care delivery can fall short of meeting the distinct needs of female patients. Often, doctors seem to not have enough time during visits to listen attentively. Wait times for appointments are increasing. And standard well-woman exams do not typically account for the preeminent disease risks women can face. 

That can be concerning when heart disease, stroke and diabetes remain top health concerns for women – much more so than certain cancers. In fact, in the first year after a heart attack, women are more than 50 percent more likely to die than men. The MDVIP Women’s Health Program aims to help women identify and possibly prevent these unique risk factors under the guidance of one physician. 

Women’s care needs continually change with age and in every stage of life. That’s why a woman’s approach to healthcare should encompass both her gynecologic and general health needs, especially where the two overlap. Leading this charge are MDVIP-affiliated physicians who offer the Women’s Health Program. With an extra emphasis on prevention and wellness, you and your doctor can partner to help improve your health and quality of life.

Women's Health         Disease Prevention

Women's Health

Women spend their lives learning to listen to their bodies and, after decades of practice, are adept at knowing when something just doesn’t feel right. But nearly 1 in 3 women say they feel rushed during a primary care doctor’s appointment. They feel their concerns aren’t taken seriously, and they wish the doctor spent more time with them on issues unique to women.

Imagine a doctor’s office where you’re given the time and attention needed to discuss your unique health needs – immediate and long-term, big and small. That’s what the MDVIP Women’s Health Program provides. With unrushed appointments and the ability to contact your physician after hours, your physician can attend to you and your specific needs.

Program Features

  • Individualized attention from a doctor who has limited their practice size and offers same- or next-day appointments and the ability to be contacted 24/7
  • A comprehensive approach, combining expanded gynecological services with a preventive approach to your overall care
  • Advanced screenings and tests to help identify risk factors and issues that can be treated earlier, prevented or possibly reversed
  • MDVIP Connect, your personal website and app, featuring healthy meal plans and exercise programs



Your physician will have time to also focus on your needs as a woman."I became a patient of Dr. Nancy Liu in 2001, and a member of MDVIP in 2014. During the past 17 years, Dr. Nancy Liu has helped me to get through my breast cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, but not only that, she also helped me to change my lifestyle to a much healthier one."  

"Currently twice a week I exercise at YMCA, 30 minutes a day I ride my stationary bike at home, 20 minutes a day I walk outside, and everyday do well with my meal planning. I really appreciate Dr. Nancy Liu for leading me to a healthier life."

— Alice, Patient of MDVIP Affiliate Nancy W. Liu, MD


Disease Prevention

Even if you feel great, your MDVIP-affiliated doctor can help you maintain good health and minimize some of the complex issues that come with aging. In fact, the extensive screenings and tests included in the Women’s Health Program can help identify female-specific risk factors that can be treated earlier, prevented or possibly reversed.

The advanced screenings and diagnostic tests comprising the annual MDVIP Women’s Health Program include a heart and stroke screening developed with Cleveland HeartLab as well as nutrition, bone health, sleep, hormone, sexual health and emotional well-being assessments. That’s on top of more expansive annual gynecologic services. Results from these annual screenings provide deeper insights into your overall health, which allows the dots between the different areas of your health to be connected and potential risks to be detected earlier.

It can be challenging to stay on top of your health, especially as a woman, but it can be a bit easier in an MDVIP-affiliated practice. You will be supported from the quality time spent with your doctor during visits to the resources and programs offered year-round on MDVIP Connect, your personal website and app. Additionally, the annual comprehensive MDVIP Women’s Health Program and its extensive lab work can help identify and address problems early – general concerns, as well as gynecological-specific issues.

Program Features

  • Advanced screenings and tests to help spot risk factors and issues that can be treated more promptly, prevented or possibly reversed
  • A customized wellness plan developed from your test results and built around you to address areas of concern
  • Nutrition and fitness guidance to help keep your cholesterol, blood pressure and weigh in check 
  • MDVIP Connect, your personal website and app, featuring healthy meal plans and exercise programs


MDVIP-affiliated physicians have time to help you take the steps that reduce disease.“I wish everyone could have a health care professional of Dr. Michl’s caliber. He takes the time to listen and is very thorough with follow up. I love his emphasis on prevention. We service our cars regularly - why not our bodies? My annual visit is very complete and gives me some peace of mind.”

— Joanne, Patient of MDVIP Affiliate Keith W. Michl, MD, FACP