Introducing MDVIP Connect, Your Newest Partner in Health!

Have you ever started a new diet or physical activity only to be presented with the warning, “Please consult a physician before proceeding?" Now ask yourself how many times you actually stopped to call your doctor or schedule an appointment to discuss the potential risks of this new activity. Probably not many.  Not because you don’t value your doctor’s expertise, but rather, your doctor seems too disconnected from the everyday choices you need to make in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  This is why MDVIP believes a stronger connection must exist between the two, sometimes separate, worlds of health and wellness.  Simply put, a physician’s expertise should be readily available when you need it – anytime, anywhere – not merely confined to the doctor’s office.

As research proves time and again, achieving your wellness goals is more easily attainable when you have a support network ready to help you live your best life.  With its recent launch of MDVIP Connect, a uniquely designed member website, MDVIP continues to transform the traditional healthcare experience offering its members a convenient way to connect with their MDVIP-affiliated physician and the resources needed to embrace a healthy lifestyle year-round. 

MDVIP Connect offers a number of innovative new features: 

• An interactive Health Assessment, jointly created with nGage Health, to provide instant insights and helpful suggestions to improve your health
• A personalized Wellness Wall to access expert articles tailored to meet your health and wellness interests
• Guidance on healthy eating with custom-designed, monthly meal plans, including downloadable recipes and shopping lists, from the nutritional experts at EatingWell to help you adhere to specific dietary recommendations
• And online access to your personal health record, and convenient secure messaging with MDVIP and your doctor, even after office hours

All these resources and more are accessible anytime, anywhere from your desktop, tablet or smart phone, putting you in control of your health like never before.  With MDVIP Connect, your doctor’s expertise is never more than a click or tap away, empowering you with the knowledge, support and encouragement you need to make healthy choices every day.

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