Reach Your Doctor 24/7

Your Primary Care Doctor Available After Hours

Have you ever tried to call your primary care doctor after office hours? What about on a holiday? It’s gotten to the point where you have to jump through so many hoops just to talk to a real person–even during office hours. It’s frustrating—especially when you’re sick and really need to talk to your doctor.

Patients in MDVIP-affiliated practices enjoy conveniences not available in most primary care practices including same- and next-day appointments that last as long as needed.

They can also reach their doctor 24-7.

Your MDVIP-affiliated physician is there for you 24/7. You’ll have a way to get in touch with your doctor by pager, phone or message whether it’s after hours, on weekends or a holiday. And when you do call your doctor—day or night—you won’t find yourself in an endless loop of phone prompts, voicemail and automated attendants. You’ll talk to your doctor who will know you and your medical history, which can be vital in urgent situations.

When combined with the MDVIP Wellness Program and other benefits enjoyed by members of MDVIP-affiliated practices, being able to reach your doctor when you need him or her takes the primary care experience to the next level. In fact, studies have shown patients in MDVIP-affiliated practices were considerably less likely to go to the emergency room than patients in traditional primary care practices, among other positive outcomes.


I can reach him even if he is on vacation.

Francine, patient of Dr. Richard Handelsman

Dr. Handelsman has given me his cell phone number and email address … I can reach him even if he is on vacation. He knows that this gives me peace of mind at all times. He makes me feel like a family member, not a patient. What a guy. He's the best.

I didn't really expect him to answer his cell phone ... He picked up on the second ring.

Ron, patient of Dr. Lawrence P. Gassner

I became sick on Christmas Eve on 2010 with sudden onset severe diarhea, nausea, high fever, etc. I hated to bother Dr. Gassner on Christmas Eve, but since I live alone, I felt it necessary. I didn't really expect him to answer his cell phone under the circumstances, but thought I would give it a try. He picked up the phone on the second ring. I could tell from his voice that he was not feeling well himself. I inquired about his condition, and he indicated that he had pneumonia. I apologized for bothering him when he was so ill, but he cheerfully took my phone call, then gave me advice that quickly corrected my condition. I will never forget his kindness and dedication. I doubt there are a handful of physicians in the US who would have picked up their phone under those circumstances. He is a dedicated professional, and the best doctor I've ever had. Cheers, Dr G!




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