MDVIP Ambassador Jennifer Davenport

Richard M. Rayner, MD
By Richard M. Rayner, MD
August 17, 2018

Jennifer Davenport, who works for MDVIP affiliate Dr. Richard Rayner in Harrisburg, PA, is an MDVIP Ambassador for going above and beyond the call of duty and making her patients feel welcome, valued and loved.

"The people who are most impactful in my life are my parents. I have witnessed them working hard and often struggling to provide for our family. My mother was a stay at home mom because she valued the importance of being there for our family. This meant that my father would sometimes work two jobs to make ends meet. Never once did I hear them complaining about the sacrifices they have made on our behalf. I am very fortunate to have such inspiring role models." —Jennifer Davenport

Noteworthy Nominations:

Not only is Jen professional, she is kind and caring. When my aunt (who is also a patient) who doesn't drive needed more samples of a new drug while she waited for approval from her insurance company, Jen offered to deliver them to her house. You will not find that sort of care anywhere else!
--Patient of Dr. Rayner

Jen Davenport is simply the best medical office assistant with whom I have worked in my 50 years. I say this because I have had life-long medical issues and have had exposure to good and not-so-good medical offices. Jen is exceptional in-patient relations, scheduling, and triaging communications in such a way that I have never felt rushed, brushed off or diminished. She is the perfect assistant for Dr. Richard Rayner, as well as being the perfect patient liaison. 
--Patient of Dr. Rayner

Jen from the day we first talked I felt comfortable. Let me give a little backstory, we transferred from NYC to Harrisburg, my husband has diabetes which were uncontrolled at the time which caused a lot of other issues, heart disease, kidney failure, blindness in one eye and overall sense of fatigue. If this is not enough in a family's life I was diagnosed with MS last fall and I decided I too to join MDVIP, so I could feel like I have someone to help me through the beginning stages of MS. So back to sweet, wonderful Jen Davenport, she always and I mean always is very cognitive our current condition and acts accordingly more like a friend though very warm and comforting yet challenging. We have left many a practice due to receptionist assistant/nurses but Jen not only rocks at all, she and Dr Rayner r a dynamic team. Our 14-year-old daughter also comes, and I know both have helped her immensely and Jen has never failed to make her feel comforted and cared for. We are grateful.
--Patient of Dr. Rayner

Jen has been a lifesaver. I have been dealing with significant medical issues, and Jen has always been patient and helpful. From juggling appointment times so that I could make my other appointments to helping with calls and questions to ensuring critical paperwork was filed accurately and on time with insurance companies to just being friendly, Jen has been a valuable asset working with Dr. Rayner and me to meet my health needs and goals! Jen does not just check the box. Jen pays a great deal of care regarding patient needs and providing maximum customer service. Kudos to Jen for fantastic work!
--Patient of Dr. Rayner

About the Physician
Richard M. Rayner, MD

As a family physician, I view good health as a product of an individual’s body, mind, spirit and the environment all working together optimally. I know that an excellent doctor-patient relationship is based on mutual trust, and I respect and enjoy patients that come from all seasons and walks of life. As I develop a relationship with my patients, I create a personalized healthcare plan that involves those different factors with the hope of moving each person from their starting point to a better place. With me functioning as your private physician, we can aspire together to improve your health now and plan for a healthy future. 

I have been in the Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania medical community since 1996, with experience in medical education, as well as private practice. In my private practice, I enjoy managing a panel of primary care issues including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, anxiety and depression. Similar to concierge medicine practices, I also offer conveniences like same- or next-day appointments that start on time. I put a strong emphasis on prevention and have an approach to healthcare that involves using wise lifestyle decisions, fitness and nutrition when addressing current and future medical needs. Due to my longevity in the area, I have established excellent professional relationships with local specialists with whom I consult when specialty care is needed. I have no direct affiliation with a hospital system; however, if inpatient care is needed, I do work with the hospitalists who care for my patients. 

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