What's on Your Bucket List?

Sean Kelley
By Sean Kelley , MDVIP
September 9, 2016
What's on Your Bucket List?

A few months back, we asked you what was on your bucket list. And what you told us was amazing! Whether it’s seeing the aurora borealis or visiting Machu Picchu or  making memories with family, your bucket lists inspired us. Here are some of our favorites from MDVIP members.


“I want to see my granddaughter walk down aisles...for her diploma, for her degree, for her wedding. She's not quite a year old so I have to pay close attention to what my MDVIP doctor advises. I have full confidence in Dr. Tracy Timony to get me to those milestones.” — Jo Anne


“Go to the North Pole. I’ve been to Antarctica. Now I want the opposite experience.” — Christine


“My bucket list was to visit: all 50 states, all 7 continents and all 7 Modern Wonders of the World. I completed my list earlier this year.” — Carolyn


“To see all my children to succeed, to see Elton John in concert in Vegas, to sing Amazing Grace on the Grand Old Opry stage.” — Sandi


“Get a tattoo. Bodysurf Newport Beach one more time. Take my grandson to Disneyland.” — Anastasia


“Forget about George Clooney.  I would love to meet and maybe have a drink with Tony Bennett  -- and if he sang "Because of You" it would make life complete.” — Lillian


“I’m 85 years old and still working as a cashier. I wait on tons of people that have tattoos. I WOULD  like a little bee on my lower part of my neck—BEE for Bernice. Oh well, it may sound silly, but that’s my first bucket wish!!!! Of course I have to check with [my MDVIP-affiliated doctor] to see if it's alright.” — Bernice


“Lose 10 lbs before my wellness check in September. Finish all the knitting things i started. I call them: UFOs or unfinished objects.” — Betty


“I've climbed Mount Everest, I've been to Paris (Moscow, Siberia, the North Pole, South America and dozens of other countries). I've met George Clooney, performed on the worlds largest stages, met presidents and kings. Now at 69, but feeling 35, I wish to have another 20+ years with my wife Amity as we both continue our free spirited travel and fun in our RV and our Florida home.

“The thing my wife and I both want is the continued love, caring, friendship and treatment from MDVIP-affiliated physician. We consider him to be a true blessing in our lives. Not only does he provide us with immediate medical care, he's my golfing buddy and he and his wife are occasional dinner companions. How much better can life be.” — Jan

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