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If you’ve ever been outside in the snow on a sunny day, you know how blinding it can be. The same is true when you’re out on a boat or at the beach.  On days like this, the sun not only hits our eyes directly, it reflects brutally off the bright surfaces. But that’s just visible light, which… See more
The food most of us eat could be slowly killing us. The Western diet, laden with sugary processed foods and red meats, is one of the top reasons the American life span had declined  in recent years. This type of diet raises our risk for overall death as well death from heart disease and cancer… See more
Have you ever volunteered for a good cause? If yes, how did it make you feel? Did it boost your mood? What about when you donated to your favorite charity? It turns out volunteering and giving are two activities associated with good health and longevity.  Let’s focus on volunteering first.… See more
Does your life have meaning? Does it have purpose? If you answered yes, here’s some good news: Studies show that having a purpose can lead to better health outcomes. That’s the bottom line, but from there it gets a little murky. Let’s start with how we define what gives us meaning or purpose in… See more
Putting on a cloth mask over a surgical or medical mask can help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.  The agency updated mask guidelines Feb. 10… See more
When it comes to heart health, eating like an American probably isn’t your best bet. That’s because our diets are high in unhealthy fats, processed foods and lots of carbs. But one diet in particular always gets highlighted by researchers and health experts: the Mediterranean diet. The… See more
If you’re like most Americans, you probably have a good idea on what types of exercise is good for your heart: running, swimming, bicycling. In short, cardiovascular exercise – and lots of it. But you may be surprised to learn that strength training may actually be better for your heart. Here are… See more
Each year, millions of Americans ask that question – and more than half the adult population say, “no.” That’s right. Only about 40 percent of Americans get the flu vaccine every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, despite the fact that it’s the best protection… See more
Happy New Year! Like many people, you may be trying to achieve certain goals in 2017.  You’re not alone. Millions of American’s make New Year’s resolutions from trying to save money to volunteering more. In fact, it’s a practice which goes back to Ancient Babylonia and Rome.

The most… See more
If you’re on Medicare and take prescription drugs, this won’t surprise you: The costs of medications are rising fast. Up an estimated 12.6 percent in 2014, prescription drug costs are projected to rise by an average of 7.3 percent annually, according to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services… See more