On National Doctors’ Day, MDVIP to Deliver Thousands of Patient Stories Celebrating Their Primary Care Physicians


Ipsos Survey Shows MDVIP-Affiliated Physicians Far Exceed National Averages in Patient Satisfaction
BOCA RATON, Fla. – March 29, 2024 – In celebration of National Doctors’ Day on March 30, patients across the country are sharing personal stories about how their MDVIP-affiliated primary care physician has made a difference in their life. MDVIP collected and will deliver to its network of doctors more than 8,000 patient testimonials, which can be read here.
Further highlighting the dedication and impact of its network physicians, MDVIP released results of a national study conducted by Ipsos, using its probability-based KnowledgePanel®, showing that MDVIP-affiliated doctors consistently exceed the national averages in patient satisfaction. A striking 94% of patients in the MDVIP network say they are “extremely” or “very” satisfied with their relationship with their primary care physician.
Additional findings from the Ipsos survey are highlighted below:

“Extremely Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied”

MDVIP Members

General Population

Ability to get an appointment when you need one



Amount of time you wait in the waiting room



Amount of time your physician spends with you



Physician’s proactive approach to wellness & prevention



Follow-up plan your physician develops for your health



“Whether it’s helping patients accomplish a longtime health goal, avoid a trip to the emergency room or simply making them feel heard, MDVIP-affiliated physicians are changing lives in meaningful ways,” said MDVIP Chairman and CEO Bret Jorgensen. “The thousands of messages of appreciation from patients and exceptional satisfaction scores speak to the powerful impact of the doctor-patient relationship, and we are proud to celebrate our network of 1,100-plus physicians not just on National Doctors’ Day, but every day they devote to the care and well-being of their patients.”
What patients in the MDVIP network are saying about their primary care doctor:
General Practitioner for a Lifetime – Patrick, patient of Dr. Kevin M. Gil in Maryland
“Dr. Gil knows my wife and I both personally as well as medically through the various historical episodes and has supported us in our most critical moments… [He] is an amazing communicator and is always available for consultation and discussion. I truly see him as part of our family! We are very fortunate to have him and his practice in our lives and appreciate his dedication and service to the community.”
Doctor Willing to Listen – Danny, patient of Dr. Scarlet Benson in Florida
“Over the past few years, I have been on, at times, a very frustrating journey to find a doctor willing to listen to me, to understand my particular situation, and be prepared to justify and discuss their treatment choices… So, to find a gem of a person like Dr. Scarlet Benson at MDVIP in Fort Lauderdale has been a total game changer for me.”
Caring, Committed and Kind – Tinuke, patient of Dr. Peter M. Gottesfeld in New York
“He stopped and said that was worthy of acknowledging all of my feelings… I knew then that this was the doctor for me. I shared things with him even my previous doctor did not know. He is a knowledgeable, kind, caring and smart individual. On National Doctors’ Day, I want to honor and acknowledge Dr. G for being the wonderful human that he is.”
Dr. Herman: My Vote for MDVIP ‘M.V.P.’ – William, patient of Dr. Jeffrey Herman in Michigan
“He has been a powerful force in my corner for years. Pandemic? Journey from middle age to senior? Dr. Herman has been there to care, educate and motivate. Last October I was able to complete a half marathon with my scholarship athlete daughter... Under [his] care, I hope to do many more.”
Personalized Care, Real Relationship
MDVIP-affiliated physicians offer a solution to the many frustrations that patients can experience with traditional primary care, including long waits to schedule an appointment, rushed visits and difficulty getting all their concerns addressed. By maintaining a smaller practice, doctors are able to dedicate more time with patients to focus on prevention and early detection as well as help manage chronic conditions. Other conveniences include same- or next-day appointments that last an average of 30 minutes and 24/7 physician availability.
Proven Health Outcomes
Eleven studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals demonstrate better health outcomes among patients in MDVIP-affiliated practices compared to those in traditional primary care practices, including:
- 79% fewer hospitalizations for Medicare patients, equating to $600 million savings in one year
- 72% fewer hospitalizations for commercially insured patients
- 40% more patients identified at risk for cardiovascular disease using advanced testing
About the MDVIP/Ipsos Study
This MDVIP/Ipsos poll was conducted December 1-10, 2023, by Ipsos using KnowledgePanel®, the largest and most well-established online probability-based panel that is representative of the adult U.S. population. This poll is based on a nationally representative probability sample of 1,010 general population adults aged 26 or older and 681 MDVIP members aged 26 and older. The margin of sampling error for the general population study is plus or minus 3.2 percentage points at the 95% confidence level, for results based on the entire sample of adults. For more information about Ipsos, please visit https://www.ipsos.com/en-us.

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