Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

Internal Medicine
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Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My approach to medical care is to work closely with you to maintain and improve your health by guiding medical decisions to match your lifestyle and desires. I strive to provide thorough, personalized evaluations and treatments tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. The result is a collaborative style that forms the foundation for a rewarding long term health care partnership.

Dr. Hanlon's Credentials

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University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
Chief Medical Resident 1990-1991

University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

Medical School:
University of Texas Medical School
Houston, TX
Doctorate of Medicine 1987

Colorado College
Colorado Springs, CO
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1981

American Board of Internal Medicine
Salt Lake Regional Medical Center
LDS Hospital
America's Top Docs for Utah/Salt Lake City Internal Medicine Specialists 2008-present
Outstanding Humanitarian Resident, Salt Lake City Veteran's Administration Medical Center 1990
Outstanding Resident, Internal Medicine, University of Utah 1990
Outstanding Intern, Internal Medicine, Residency Programs, University of Utah 1988
Adjunct Associate Clinical Professor Medicine, University of Utah Medical School 1994-present
Salt Lake Regional Medical Center
- Member, Board of Trustees 2001-present
- Director, Inpatient Hospitalist Program 2002-2006
- Vice President, Board of Trustees 2003-2005
- Member, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee 1994-1998
- Chairperson, Ethics Advisory Committee 1994-1997
- Member, Task Force in the Implementation of a Senior Center 1997
Utah Medical Insurance Association
- Member, Board of Directors 2008-present
Utah Chapter, American College of Physicians
- Committee Chairperson, Health and Public Policy Committee 2008 - present
- Committee Chairperson, Membership Committee 2002-2005
Member, National Council of Associates, National Chapter, American College of Physicians 1990-1992
American Medical Association
Fellow, American College of Physicians
Utah Medical Association
National Charity League 2005-present
Senior Class Advisor, National Charity League 2010-2011
Volunteer, Doctors for Drug-Free Schools, Salt Lake City Medical Society 1999-2001
Member, Task Force for Accreditation by National Catholic Education Association for J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School 2000

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Hanlon

from Lynne in UT March 26, 2024 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP
Image provided by: Lynne

My title tells the whole story. About 12 years ago my blood pressure was bouncing around a lot so I ended up in the SL Regional ( now Holy Cross) emergency room too often. Happily, there was never much the matter. Once I joined MDVIP, things eventually settled down. I've lost 40 pounds ( over about 4 years)which of course helps matters.) The wellness exams helped this - every year my "report… See more

from Mary Jo in UT March 25, 2024 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

My story begins with a breast MRI, not ordered by my wonderful internist, Dr. Beth C. Hanlon, but by a breast specialist. Post MRI, I received a telephone call from an assistant of the breast specialist, delivering the results of the MRI. Notwithstanding the fact that Dr. Hanlon always personally telephones test results, the assistant advised that the breasts were healthy but proceeded to… See more

from Nanette in UT March 16, 2024 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

I have been seeing Dr. Hanlon for over 20 years. In that time I have never been disappointed with my care or my relationship with her. Dr. Hanlon has taken a great interest not only in my physical health and overall wellbeing but she has always been interested in me personally. I remember many visits when she has taken extra time to listen to my concerns and the burdens I was carrying. She has… See more

from Tina in UT March 14, 2024 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

Twenty four years ago I had uterine cancer. I was only 56 years old. I had a hysterectomy and was cured. Ten years ago I became a patient of Dr. Beth Hanlon, Salt Lake City, UT. On one visit about six years ago, she picked up on my family history and ethnicity and the fact that I had cancer and there were other cancers in my family. She recommended genetic testing and I found out that I have a… See more

from Lucile Lu in UT March 13, 2024 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

I have always wanted to live overseas in a foreign country. After my husband and I retired, we volunteered to go to Budapest, Hungary and do humanitarian work sponsored through our church. A few months prior to leaving, I had a couple of health issues I wanted to address. As I discussed my different apprehensions, Dr. Beth Hanlon was attentive and listened. She was very reassuring, respectful… See more

from Gloria in UT February 14, 2024 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

She always listens, keeps current on changing health trends, takes into careful consideration my quirks and oddities and over the years has become a good friend. I could not ask for a better relationship with my health provider.

from Debby in UT February 13, 2024 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

Dr Hanlon is amazing 🤗 9 1/2 years ago she saved my life, diagnosing Ovarian Cancer. She was with me through almost 5 months of Chemotherapy and 5 months of a Wound Vac.
She is kind, caring, a great listener and always willing to talk to me.
What can I say about the woman who saved my life? She is better than the best. Thank You Dr Beth Hanlon🥰

from Kathleen in UT February 12, 2024 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

Beth was my mother’s doctor as well as mine for over 20 years. Needless to say, when Beth signed up with MDVIP, it was a no brainer😀
Beth is thorough, assigns wellness plans and above all, she is not only friendly, she has a fabulous sense of humor. I’ll follow her until she retires ( the thought of that doesn’t bring me joy!
When she sends me to a specialist for one reason or… See more

from Diane in UT February 11, 2024 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP
Image provided by: Diane

I really doubt I’d be able to pursue my true passion for cross country skiing without the care I’ve enjoyed for many years by Dr. Hanlon. She’s a diagnostic genius who constantly cares, listens and communicates. When tests, referrals or treatments are needed, she knows exactly what to do. The physical therapist she referred me to has kept me on the right track…pun intended. She always has my… See more

from Jann in UT February 12, 2024 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

Dr. Beth Hanlon became my doctor after a years long search for the right physician. I knew she was the one when she listened to me tell of my troublesome symptoms, took me seriously and didn't hurry me out of the room. I don’t like to attribute it to sexism that my former doctors didn’t really listen to me—but I think it might have been. Dr. Beth was my first female primary care doctor.… See more