Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

Internal Medicine
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Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP
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450.00 every 3 months **
900.00 every 6 months **
1,800.00 each year **

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My approach to medical care is to work closely with you to maintain and improve your health by guiding medical decisions to match your lifestyle and desires. I strive to provide thorough, personalized evaluations and treatments tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. The result is a collaborative style that forms the foundation for a rewarding long term health care partnership.

Dr. Hanlon's Credentials

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University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
Chief Medical Resident 1990-1991

University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

Medical School:
University of Texas Medical School
Houston, TX
Doctorate of Medicine 1987

Colorado College
Colorado Springs, CO
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1981

American Board of Internal Medicine
Salt Lake Regional Medical Center
LDS Hospital
America's Top Docs for Utah/Salt Lake City Internal Medicine Specialists 2008-present
Outstanding Humanitarian Resident, Salt Lake City Veteran's Administration Medical Center 1990
Outstanding Resident, Internal Medicine, University of Utah 1990
Outstanding Intern, Internal Medicine, Residency Programs, University of Utah 1988
Adjunct Associate Clinical Professor Medicine, University of Utah Medical School 1994-present
Salt Lake Regional Medical Center
- Member, Board of Trustees 2001-present
- Director, Inpatient Hospitalist Program 2002-2006
- Vice President, Board of Trustees 2003-2005
- Member, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee 1994-1998
- Chairperson, Ethics Advisory Committee 1994-1997
- Member, Task Force in the Implementation of a Senior Center 1997
Utah Medical Insurance Association
- Member, Board of Directors 2008-present
Utah Chapter, American College of Physicians
- Committee Chairperson, Health and Public Policy Committee 2008 - present
- Committee Chairperson, Membership Committee 2002-2005
Member, National Council of Associates, National Chapter, American College of Physicians 1990-1992
American Medical Association
Fellow, American College of Physicians
Utah Medical Association
National Charity League 2005-present
Senior Class Advisor, National Charity League 2010-2011
Volunteer, Doctors for Drug-Free Schools, Salt Lake City Medical Society 1999-2001
Member, Task Force for Accreditation by National Catholic Education Association for J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School 2000

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Hanlon

from Keith in UT February 8, 2023 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP
Image provided by: Keith

Was a happy patient before she joined MDVIP. Was a little afraid of the cost at first but boy is it worth it. I told her she can’t retire until after I pass away. Absolutely best medical thing ever in my life. Used to be very worried and uneasy about seeing my doctors but not here.

from Mary Jo in UT March 31, 2020 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

Dr. Hanlon is one of the most caring, professional, talented and giving doctors my husband and I have ever had. If you are privileged enough to have her care for your mind and body, you are truly fortunate.

Even though this salute is a day delinquent, we wanted to show our love and support to her and her fabulous team!

Mary and Jim

from Shonnie in UT March 31, 2020 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

I know that I can count on Dr. Hanlon to respond to my medical needs with her own expertise, as well as to draw from the medical community resources necessary to keep me healthy. I am grateful to her for her great counsel and constant attention to my medical concerns.
Thank you, Dr. Hanlon!

from Diane in UT March 24, 2020 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP
Image provided by: Diane

My mom is 92 and quite blind. I phoned her just now and here are her exact words. "She always smiles and wants to help people, and certainly knows what she's doing. I remember one visit when my back was in pain. She put a patch on and it went away. Oh yeah, I am grateful for the way she was so clear and matter-of-fact when she explained all the legal decisions I had to make for that… See more

from Denise in UT March 13, 2020 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

Dr. Beth Hanlon has watched over me for many years. I could share several instances where her guidance has helped me face challenges. It is comforting to know she can always be reached regardless of the time. She was there for me when I became very ill with symptoms similar to CDiff. I had lost 20 pounds in just a few weeks and became very weak in spite of everything the two of us tried.… See more

from Jean in UT March 12, 2020 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

I have been a patient of Doctor Hanlon’s now for about 26 or 27 years. She is amazing. I had surgery in September of 2019 to repair a hernia. There were complications after the surgery where I would have large fluid dumps and end up soaking wet. My hernia surgeon sent me in for a CT scan unbeknownst to Dr Hanlon. Before my hernia doctor even saw the results of the CT scan, Dr Hanlon had read… See more

from Tracey M in UT March 10, 2020 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

I don't have a single story to tell about Dr. Hanlon; I have my entire adult life of wellness thanks to Dr. Hanlon. I estimate that Dr. Hanlon has been my doctor for at least 25 years (and maybe more). Over the years we sort of created our own MDVIP and then she made it official when she made the decision to become an MDVIP member. Dr. Hanlon has always practiced wellness - she has… See more

from Mary in UT March 10, 2020 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

Dr. Hanlon actually takes time to listen to you, and she is a good sleuth! she figures out what is going on and the best solution to handle it. My husband developed a serious liver problem. It was Dr. Hanlon who discovered that and got us to a very good specialist for help. Thank You, Dr. Hanlon

from Dave December 12, 2019 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

Beth and Tammy
I'll use the same sentence this year as I've used in years past. Everything that's good about my health I attribute to you guys.

I know y'all think I'm a little crazy at times but that's a subject for a differant survey.

from Nanette in UT March 29, 2018 for Beth Chapman Hanlon MD, FACP

I have been a patient of Dr. Beth Hanlon for many years. I have always felt that she had my best interest in mind and was devoted to my health care. Since she became affiliated with MDVIP her care and support has not changed, however, the time she has to dedicate to her patients has just been realigned in a wonderful way. I love how this allows her to be able to spend more time with me and… See more