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Internal Medicine
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Theodore C.M. Li, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

"Listen to your patients; they’re telling you the diagnosis.” I heard this advice as a student, and it has been the cornerstone of my approach to medicine. The corollary is that health care (what to test and how to treat) must be tailored to the individual. These are exciting times in the medical world with significant advances every day, but it all has to be reconciled with the needs and circumstances of each individual.

Dr. Li's Credentials

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Henry J. Kaiser Fellow, General Internal Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Brigham & Women's Hospital
Fellow, Division of International Medicine, Cornell-New York Hospital Medical Center

The New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center
New York, NY
Senior Assistant Resident 1979-1980
Coordinator, Cornell Medical Team, Khao-I-Dang Refugee Camp, Thailand 1980

The New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center
New York, NY
Department of Medicine 1977-1978

Medical School:
Cornell University Medical College
New York, NY
Doctorate of Medicine 1977
Hirschl Scholar 1974

Columbia University
New York, NY
Bachelor of Arts 1973
Cum Laude
Phi Beta Kappa 1973
Schwartz Scholar 1971
Class of 1909 Scholar 1970

American Board of Internal Medicine
National Board of Medical Examiners
Sibley Memorial Hospital
Georgetown University Hospital
English, French (basic), German (basic), Chinese/Mandarin (conversational)
Community Based Teaching Award, American College of Physicians 1995
Laurence H. Kyle Award for Excellence in Housestaff Education, Georgetown University Hospital 1988
Certificate of Appreciation, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, China 1986
Alpha Omega Alpha Housingstaff Teaching Award 1980
Best doctors in America® 2013-2014
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Georgetown University Medical School 1989-present
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Georgetown Unviversity Medical School 1984-1989
Attending Physician, Georgetown University Hospital 1984-present
Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School 1983-1984
Associate Physician, Brigham & Women's Hospital 1983-1985
Associate Director, Intensive Care Unit, St. Barnabas Hospital 1981
Emeritus Director, American Board of Internal Medicine
Fellow, American College of Physicians
American Society of General Internal Medicine
American Federation for Clinical Research
District of Columbia, Massachussetts, New York
Spending time with family, tennis, ink drawing, painting

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Li

from Aileen in MD March 30, 2023 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

Dear Dr. Theodore Li,

Today we celebrate “you” on Doctors’ Appreciation Day! And I personally wish to thank you for the many years in which you have helped me to maintain my overall good health (for I believe nearly 20 years). On this day, I also want to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to you—for not only your vast knowledge of internal medicine—but for your medical… See more

from Maurice in MD March 21, 2023 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD
Image provided by: Maurice

I'm 75 now and my wife and I have been patients of Dr. Li for the last 25 years. We have always marveled at his thoroughness and his hands-on approach caring for his patients, and that he's always just a phone call away even on vacation in Hawaii or India.

In the fall of 2020 at my annual physical, Dr. Li suggested I was due for a colonoscopy. I told him that I had my last… See more

from David in DC April 19, 2020 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

Dr. Ted Li provides such a caring approach in the annual physical. He's comfortably methodical, and his explanations are clear and reassuring. You actually look forward to being evaluated!

from Livezey in DC March 24, 2020 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

Many, many years ago, we learned that my husband’s employer was switching to a new health insurer, one that did not include the network we were using. Almost the same day, Washingtonian Magazine published its annual list of the city’s best doctors. Dr. Theodore Li’s profile leapt out at me; I made an appointment the same day. We have never looked back.

Dr. Li’s brings to his practice a… See more

from Alan in DC March 17, 2020 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

Through this means, Dr. Li, the opportunity to express what a difference you give to my life.  Not just addressing the health issues, per se (and they have not been inconsiderable) but, with your care, the given confidence to know I always have in my corner such a master practitioner. Your thoroughness, your thoughtfulness, your clarity of explanation, your patience with me, your remarkably… See more

from Thanos in MD March 17, 2020 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD
Image provided by: Thanos

I have known Dr. Li for over 40 years, since I first moved to Washington, DC. He was my first primary physician in the DC area, much before he joined MDVIP. I moved out of the country and when I returned there was a hiatus in my professional collaboration with him. During that period I had a number of other good primary care physicians, but I finally decided to return to Dr. Li who, by that… See more

from Louise in MD March 15, 2020 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

I would like to express my gratitude for Dr Li. Hi patient, kind and carefully listens to each concern that I have alleviating my concerns, testing when necessary, and providing careful advice and exploring each issue until a resolution is found. As i have been navigating some symptoms that could be compared to COVID19, he has shown tremendous patience in answering my questions and… See more

from Joseph in DC March 13, 2020 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

In studying Plato's account of the Trial of Socrates we discover that Socrates never refers to those trying him as judges. It was Socrates' refusal to equate those conducting his trial as truly judges. One can claim a title but fail to possess the necessary attributes. Because I am not a medical doctor, I initially hesitated to proclaim my view that Dr. Theodore Li is a doctor's doctor--one… See more

from mark s in VA March 12, 2020 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

One morning I woke up with mild to moderate abdominal pain. I didnt think much of it because I was suffering with a lower back injury from a recent car accident and sometimes shooting pain radiated out to different areas of around my waist. In order to sooth the pain I took a hot bath. The pain didnt go away but got a little worse. I called Dr Li's office for an appointment expecting to… See more

from Aileen in DC March 12, 2020 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

Dr. Li is amazing - he takes great care of his patients, using his knowledgable, careful and empathetic review of the information you share with him and that he learns from his physical exam. He is a great listener, which I think truly is a critical characteristic for a doctor, and hd offers creative solutions. A typical story: over a weekend, I fell and broke my hand and smashed up my… See more