Members Participate in Nationwide Heart Health Events

Members participate in a Get Fit with the Doc Event.

Patients in Dr. Albert Weisbrot's Mason, Ohio take part in his June 8 Be Strong-Hearted yoga class. See more photos below.

They came early and burned calories. Patients in more than 40 MDVIP-affiliated practices walked, cycled or practiced yoga June 8 as part of a nationwide effort to improve cardiovascular health.

Get Fit with Your Doc™ events, part of MDVIP’s Year of Cardiovascular Health, were held all over the country — from New York to Philadelphia to Atlanta to Ohio to Texas.

In North Scituate, RI, patients of Kim Crawford, MD gathered at 6 a.m. to be “the first in the country" to participate. Geoffrey Mire, MD, CMD, in Lafayette, LA held a Cross Fit event for patients and athletes. They were encouraged to bring their parents. in Harrisburg, PA, members in the practice of Richard Rayner, MD took part in two different events: a 3-mile run and a 1-mile walk. And in Fairfield, Ohio, Kathleen Alter, MD held a walk with participants ranging in age from nine months to 83 years.

MDVIP declared 2019 as the Year of Cardiovascular Health because cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. About 610,000 people die each year from heart disease. That’s one in four people – the equivalent of four jumbo jets crashing every day.

Why is cardiovascular disease so prominent? Americans are living longer but not necessarily healthier — poor lifestyle choices such as eating a poor diet, being overweight, smoking, living stressful lives and skipping exercise can damage the heart and circulatory system. Genes also play a role, but lifestyle is the primary contributing factor in most cardiovascular disease.

“Living a heart-healthy lifestyle is not easy. So MDVIP is emphasizing a more proactive approach to help patients prevent heart disease,” says Bernard Kaminetsky, MD, medical director, MDVIP. “We know that many people dislike physical activity but through our Get Fit with Your Doc™ events, our doctors make exercise fun and social.”

Many MDVIP-affiliated doctors host health education and fitness events. Some of the fitness-oriented events are so popular they have grown into monthly and weekly activities.

“I think these events are successful because they foster a sense of community. And the activities ease stress. It’s also comforting — especially for older patients — to exercise with your doctor,” says Kaminetsky.

If you don’t have a primary care physician, consider partnering with an MDVIP-affiliated physician. They have time to really work with you to develop a wellness plan that can help you focus on preventing or controlling heart disease. Find a physician near you and begin your partnership in health »

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