Cheri H. LeBlanc, MD

Internal Medicine
15165 S. Harrell's Ferry Rd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70816 Get Directions
Cheri H. LeBlanc, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal as a physician has always been to be a good listener. Everyone has different goals in life, and I must listen to understand them. I can then help my patients achieve their goals by using the best medical care available in a very personalized approach.

Our Baton Rouge Office
Dr. Cheri Leblanc's Baton Rouge, La. primary care office.

Dr. LeBlanc's Credentials

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Ochsner Foundation Hospital
New Orleans, LA
Internal Medicine 1993-1995

Ochsner Foundation Hospital
New Orleans, LA

Medical School:
Louisiana State University Medical School
New Orleans, LA
Doctorate of Medicine 1992

Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry 1988
Virginia Williams Scholarship

BaleDoneed Method Endorsed Provider
Our Lady of the Lake Hospital
Baton Rouge General Medical Center
Baton Rouge General Health Center
Professional Interests
- Board of Directors, Healing Hands Global Ministry 2013-present
- Founder and Medical Director, Healing Hands Mobile Clinics 2005-2009
- Pastoral Vision Advisor to Lead Pastor, Healing Place Church 2004-2008

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from Renee in LA February 16, 2024 for Cheri H. LeBlanc, MD

Dr. Cherie is amazing- as a physician, mother, woman, and friend to name a few. She is always upbeat and accessible but most of all- she has a philosophy about healthcare that is hard to find nowadays- treat the whole person and look deeper beyond the obvious that most other physicians do. Her standards are above average. We found Dr. Cherie through a conference on the Oral Systemic Connection… See more

from Dana in TX February 10, 2024 for Cheri H. LeBlanc, MD

My MDVIP doctor is my sister in law so I may be biased. My wife is a Dermatologist. My primary physician is near my home. My sister in law is 500 miles away. I use her as a supplement to my PCP for heart attack and stroke prevention and to answer questions about any treatment my PCP recommends. Her medical knowledge about everything I have ever asked is impressive. She informs me of… See more

from Connie in LA February 10, 2024 for Cheri H. LeBlanc, MD
Image provided by: Connie

I’ve been going to Dr. Cheri LeBlanc for many years and I’m always impressed with her knowledge and compassion that she shows to me as if I were her only patient. She is always encouraging toward exercise and makes sure I stay on track. She’s always available anytime via phone, email or text - something I appreciate.

from Dianna in LA March 13, 2020 for Cheri H. LeBlanc, MD

How can I express the admiration I have for Dr Cheri LeBlanc, MdVip? She’s more than a great Physician, which I think she’s the best. She’s so observant and aware of changes and researches additional helpful options. She brings into the room a peaceful spirit and is always a great listener, compassionate and kind. It’s not a profession only, to her it’s a life’s calling!

from Jeff in LA March 11, 2020 for Cheri H. LeBlanc, MD

After my last physician gave me a lecture about my habit of asking questions, I knew I needed a change. Dr LeBlanc listens to me, asks questions in return, and we weigh risks and benefits together. A complete transformation of health care. She treats the whole patient, not just today’s ailment. I pray she outlives me!

from Annette in LA March 16, 2018 for Cheri H. LeBlanc, MD

I have had the honor of being Dr. Cheri Leblanc's patient for over 20 years. In our ever changing, fast paced, often impersonal society, this longevity speaks volumes. Dr. Cheri is remarkable in that she keeps up with the latest research thereby affording her the ability to keep our treatment plans up to date and at an optimal level! She can be described as follows: Knowledgeable,… See more

from Mary in LA March 12, 2018 for Cheri H. LeBlanc, MD

I like the accessibility and the personal care. I can easily reach Dr. LeBlanc any time I need her. She knows me well and knows my history. With some doctors, it's like having a first meeting every time you go to them. Not with Dr. LeBlanc. It's a great experience going to a physician who knows everything about your medical history and who knows what is going on in your personal life… See more

from Pat in LA March 5, 2018 for Cheri H. LeBlanc, MD

What a blessing our wonderful Dr Leblanc is. I never worry about receiving good care or getting in to see her. I greatly appreciate her intelligence,patience and kindness for the many years I have been seeing her. Also, I admire her giving of her time and experience in helping the needy on her medical missions to So Am. Thank you, Dr Leblanc for all you do for us, your patients who love you!… See more

from Boyd in LA February 28, 2018 for Cheri H. LeBlanc, MD

Before I met Dr. LeBlanc I felt like my health was always like a fireman that just continually puts out fires. It was like you get sick, go to the doctor, have an examination, go to the drug store or to a specialist etc. I always felt like when will the next fire come. Now, we meet quarterly if nothing comes up before and there is a plan in place to help monitor, check and lay a strategy for… See more