Ronald R. Buescher, MD

Family Medicine
10021 S. Main Street Suite B4
Houston, TX 77025 Get Directions

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My practice philosophy is simple. I believe that the establishment of a trusted partnership between the physician and the patient is the foundation to consistent and ongoing health care. Treat people like you'd want to be treated... with sincerity and in a friendly, mutually respectful manner, absent of judgment. Be knowledgeable. Be collaborative. Be empathetic. As physicians, we don't always have all of the answers, but we can work together as a team to learn as much as possible. I look forward to the privilege of being not only your partner in health, but a trusted friend and confidant as well.

Dr. Buescher's Credentials

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Medical School:
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX
Doctorate of Medicine 1980

Baylor Department of Community Medicine
Houston, TX
Baylor Department of Community Medicine
Houston, TX
Clinical Teaching Assistant 1980-1982
University of Texas School of Public Health
Houston, TX
Masters Public Health Program 1983-1985

Tulane University
New Orleans, LA
Tulane Scholars Program 1972-1974
Brown University
Providence, RI
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA
Tulane Scholars Program
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, Summa Cum Laude 1976
Research, Organo Metallic Synthesis
Louisiana Rhodes Scholar Nominee

American Medical Association
Texas Medical Association
Harris County Medical Society
Weight training, tennis, piano music, organ music and modern art
from Jane March 30, 2017 for Ronald R. Buescher, MD

Dr. Buescher is an amazing person and doctor. He has always taken the time with his patients. Unlike so many in the field of medicine, he listens AND confirms back with me what my ailment, problem, pain, etc is. He doesn't just assume he heard what I said or even intimated. He is kind and compassionate as well as efficient and professional.

His staff? Where to begin? I love… See more

from Nanette March 29, 2017 for Ronald R. Buescher, MD

My husband & I have been patients of Dr Buescher's for over 17 years! We love that he takes time to listen and is always there for us. We missed you when you were out trying to get healthy so you could come back to help all of your pateints!!

from Irene in TX March 25, 2017 for Ronald R. Buescher, MD

Dr Buescher is always present. When you need him he is there, in person, by phone he is gladly there to help. When he was ill and fighting for his life, he had friends (not patients) praying for him, hoping he would recover, missing him, wondering how we could ever do without him, if we ever had to. His patients all love him, I have never met a patient of Dr. Buescher' s who did not think… See more

from Ashley December 31, 2016 for Ronald R. Buescher, MD

Dr.Buescher, or Dr.B as I called him as a kid, is the only doctor I really remember seeing. My parents actually met him when he was working in an ER- my parents were newlyweds at the time, looking for a new doctor - and after receiving amazing care and having a great time chatting together as well - he informed my parents he was actually opening his own practice. We've been patients ever… See more

from Barbara in TX February 28, 2014 for Ronald R. Buescher, MD

I, as well as my husband and mother, have been seeing Dr. Buescher for many years. He has earned both our trust and respect and has possibly saved my husband's life as well as mine by quickly recognizing pending emergencies and making the proper diagnosis and referral on the spot, saving valuable time in getting us where we needed to go. He has a unique ability to listen to his patients… See more

from Tommy in TX February 24, 2014 for Ronald R. Buescher, MD

Back in the early 1980's I went to a emergency care on Bullalo Speedway, Houston, Tx. This was my 1st time to meet Dr Buescher, he was the most attentive Dr I have ever visited. Actually taking time to visit with you, asking questions and making you feel at ease. I started going to that clinic when I would have some little problem. From there He moved quiet a way from me and… See more

from Robert in TX February 18, 2014 for Ronald R. Buescher, MD

Feeling herded through our medical center in Houston and not receiving the care I needed, I decided to try a Concierge doctor. Dr. Ronald Buescher spends as much time as needed to address any of my issues and genuinely cares about my health. His staff is caring, professional and makes sure I am taken care of as quickly as possible. One even spent 30-45 minutes listening to some personal issues… See more

from Miriam in TX February 12, 2014 for Ronald R. Buescher, MD

I come from England, and now live in Houston. Years ago, a good friend, who also grew up in the United Kingdom, recommended Dr. Buescher, saying that he was like the wonderful doctors we had in England, real family doctors, who knew family members all their lives!
I love Dr. Buescher, because he is so knowledgeable, professional, and yet treats the patient as an equal, yes,a friend.… See more

from Evelyn in TX February 8, 2014 for Ronald R. Buescher, MD

Twentyf ive years ago we needed a doctor for my husband's precious mother. Dr. Buescher's office was near her neighborhood so we were fortunate enough to find him. We were so impressed with his level of care and genuine concern for his patients that my husband and I knew we had found a family physician for all of us.

One thing we have always appreciated about Dr. Buescher is… See more

from Qunerd in TX February 8, 2014 for Ronald R. Buescher, MD

Dr. Buescher has been my doctor for more than 10 years and he show me the up most respect and care for me between a doctor and a patient. In my personal opinion MDVIP has the best doctor that the world can offer. Doctor Buescher has a gift from GOD and he use it well by healing individuals.

Annual Membership Fee

412.50per quarter
825.00per semi-annual
1,650.00per year