First, MDVIP has a proven forecasting formula to determine if you can achieve the practice experience you want for your patients. There is no cost for our evaluation of your practice, and no obligation. We’ve assessed over 5,600 practices encompassing more than 11 million patient records. We’ve surveyed over a million patients by phone. Our methodology to predict practice success has been refined by the brightest minds, including engineers from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and back-tested through regression analysis.

Our proprietary approach is tried and true. More than 1,000 successful medical practice transitions that continue to expand the footprint of our national physician network validate the accuracy of our sophisticated methodology. MDVIP carefully monitors your conversion progress on a daily basis to make sure you’re on course for a successful practice opening.

During your transition, MDVIP specialists are working directly with you, your staff and your patients in your office overseeing a very detailed operational and communications plan. After your affiliated practice opens, a dedicated Practice Development Manager supports you and your employees and serves as your personal liaison to MDVIP connecting you with useful resources, keeping you informed and availing you of unique network opportunities.

Unlike consultants who work with physicians on a limited transactional assignment, MDVIP strives to bring ongoing, enduring value to you and your patients for as long as you want to practice medicine. And then, when the time is right, we help you choreograph and execute a retirement plan that meets your personal and financial needs and the needs of your patients.

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