Why should my company select MDVIP’s corporate health program?

MDVIP is a top-rated executive health program, according to Worth magazine. Of those recognized, MDVIP is the only program to have a nationwide network of affiliated physicians. Our affiliated physicians also provide follow-up care and wellness planning, which can result in meaningful health outcomes. In addition, MDVIP’s program is different because members of MDVIP-affiliated practices enjoy conveniences not found in most primary care practices such as 24/7 doctor availability by phone and same- or next-day appointments that start on time.

How do I know the MDVIP primary care model will work for me and my patients?

First, MDVIP has a proven forecasting formula to determine if you can achieve the practice experience you want for your patients. There is no cost for our evaluation of your practice, and no obligation. We’ve assessed over 5,600 practices encompassing more than 11 million patient records. We’ve surveyed over a million patients by phone. Our methodology to predict practice success has been refined by the brightest minds, including engineers from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and back-tested through regression analysis.

How does my insurance work in an MDVIP-affiliated practice?

Most MDVIP-affiliated primary care practices accept insurance (your physician can tell you whether they accept your specific insurance plan). Your annual fee pays for preventive care medical services that insurance usually doesn’t cover (e.g., advanced diagnostic testing and screenings). Your MDVIP-affiliated physician will continue to bill your insurance and charge copays, co-insurances and deductibles as he or she currently does for other medical services like sick visits.

What is included in an MDVIP membership?

As members of MDVIP-affiliated practices, your executives will take part in the annual MDVIP Wellness Program, which includes comprehensive, advanced screenings and diagnostic tests not typically covered by commercial insurance. Our Wellness Program, comparable to an executive physical, addresses key areas such as heart health, diabetes, respiratory health, bone health, nutrition, fitness, emotional well-being, hearing, vision, weight management, sleep and management of chronic illness.

My insurance already provides for an annual physical, so why do I need the MDVIP Wellness Program?

The MDVIP Wellness Program includes lab tests, screenings and diagnostics that go beyond what is typically included in a basic physical exam. These tests, for example, have been shown to identify 40 percent more people at risk for heart attack or stroke compared to standard cholesterol tests. The detailed results of this additional testing, in combination with one-on-one counseling with your doctor, will be used to develop your customized wellness plan.

Why do I need MDVIP?

While you can attempt to convert your traditional volume practice to a membership-based model yourself, it’s extremely difficult and stressful. Undertaking a transformation involving thousands of patients while continuing to maintain a full-time practice – all on your own – can set the stage for unpredictable results. Since you only get one chance to do it right, there’s too much at stake to rely on anyone other than the experts in the country, MDVIP.

How is MDVIP different than concierge medicine?

Although MDVIP personalized healthcare is sometimes referred to as concierge medicine, it’s not. Our model goes far beyond “fee-for-access” practices that are rightfully seen as a concierge service only accessible to the wealthy. Patients of MDVIP-affiliated physicians pay a reasonable fee for a defined set of medically-relevant services focused on early detection, prevention and wellness.

What kind of physicians can MDVIP help?

In addition to providing a solution to internists and family physicians in traditional volume medicine who are looking for a way to practice the way they were trained, MDVIP offers transition expertise to doctors with a variety of professional goals. We work with non-MDVIP primary care physicians in both conventional and concierge practices to implement a successful succession or retirement plan by assisting with continuity-of-care services for their patients.