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You’re trying to lose weight. But despite your best efforts, it’s not working. One problem is that you’re hungry most of the time, even shortly after eating a meal. Ignoring the hunger will make you feel miserable, while giving in can add hundreds of extra calories. You’re stuck between a rock and… See more
July and August are the traditional peak of the summer travel season. With last year’s travel season hampered by COVID, this summer is proving to be very busy, with crowded airports, national parks and other tourist destinations. But with cases on the rise in certain areas of the U.S. due to the… See more
For the last 25 years, doctors have used the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test along with digital rectum exams (DRE) to screen for prostate cancer. This approach, to say the least, has been controversial.  Critics of the PSA test, which was first approved in 1986 to monitor progression of… See more
High blood pressure is a major problem in the United States. In fact, close to half of all Americans have it. And while the condition is one of the leading predictors of cardiovascular disease – the leading cause of death in the U.S. – it’s also contributes to kidney problems, vision conditions and… See more
Migraines are a debilitating condition that affect about 39 million Americans, according to the Migraine Research Foundation. Typical treatment includes over the counter and prescription pain relievers. Some migraine… See more
For years, doctors recommended patients begin colorectal screenings at age 50. However, in 2018, the American Cancer Society (ACS) updated their colorectal screening recommendations to begin at 45. And now, the… See more
Nearly half of American adults have high blood pressure – a condition that raises your risk for heart attacks, strokes, sexual dysfunction and damage to the brain, kidneys and eyes. However, only 24 percent of Americans with high blood pressure have it under control, according to the U.S. Centers… See more

Covid & Mental Health Concerns

Mental health has always been an important issue in the U.S., but it shifted to the forefront of concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, 41 percent of American adults described symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder in January 2021,… See more
Traditionally, women have been concerned about women’s related health issues – breast cancer, reproductive health, urinary tract infections and osteoporosis. These are legitimate concerns that women should address and discuss with their doctors.  But many women fail to consider other serious… See more
The problem is not new. For decades, women have complained their doctors don’t listen to them, believe them or take their symptoms seriously.

Why are doctors not listening to their female patients?

“It’s not so much that doctors aren't listening to women,” says Andrea Klemes, DO, chief… See more
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