Frequently Asked Questions

Today’s discerning customers want more healthcare choice and are seeking a better patient experience. MDVIP’s ongoing market research shapes our consumer-directed, alternative primary care model that provides patients with more individual attention and the conveniences they desire. This membership-based offering, complementary to Medicare and most commercial insurance plans, is a source of new patients and reliable revenue diversification. Our annual wellness program emphasizes preventive services and advanced testing that are typically not covered; however, multiple published studies show they confer meaningful health benefits. Unparalleled satisfaction and retention, both from patients and physicians, prove that MDVIP adds measurable value to your system and your community.

MDVIP’s membership‐based primary care model supports your health system’s mission to meet the changing needs of patients and augments your physician retention and recruitment efforts. Incorporating a new strategic service arm also supports your expansion goals and your bottom line. An MDVIP‐health system partnership generates a recurring revenue stream, much of which is independent of third‐party reimbursement. In addition, when you provide a model of care that accommodates patients’ and physicians’ desires for a more personalized relationship, you strengthen your organization’s competitive advantage.

To furnish you with detailed results of our proprietary ACE Informatics™, our no-cost, risk-free practice and capacity analysis, MDVIP only needs you to supply physician network data. We combine business intelligence software, machine learning and physician/patient segmentation to evaluate the viability of MDVIP in your market. This sophisticated forecasting refined over 20 years predicts the potential of physicians’ success in our model. Based on our comprehensive business and financial study and recommendations, you will have a thorough understanding of the scope of opportunity to integrate MDVIP practices into your primary care portfolio.

Innovation is time and resource intensive, especially with initiatives as multifaceted as launching a new service line. Partnering with the industry leader in membership primary care and leveraging our expertise in successfully transitioning over 1,000 practices will help you avoid the costly risks associated with trial and error. The result - a more expedient, economical and efficient process in creating a new patient entry point for your health system. Our extensive knowledge of the regulatory landscape also saves you time and money. MDVIP upholds the firm legal foundation and integrity of our model with dedicated in-house counsel and established associations with law firms in all our operating states and at the federal level.

The wealth of insights you gain by taking advantage of our complimentary, obligation-free ACE Informatics™ is just the start of the value we provide. Our proven turnkey process will minimize the risk and expense of building a model on your own. Our regulatory expertise and market research address the ever-changing healthcare environment. Operationally, from opening MDVIP-affiliated offices through sustaining optimal patient membership and eventually assisting with a physician’s retirement from medicine, we have highly skilled staff dedicated to each practice supporting its unique marketing and communication needs. This includes a practice-specific launch plan with on-site patient advocates, a tailored practice development plan and an MDVIP in-house customer service and sales center of 100+ trained agents who will represent your organization to handle inbound and outbound calls related to membership. MDVIP will work in collaboration with your marketing specialists to develop appropriate positioning of the model in your service area, enabling you to capitalize on your health system’s established name and reputation with our national branding and network services.

Our numbers speak for themselves - from millions of data points analyzed that help predict your success, to our national footprint of physicians and patients who report exceptional satisfaction in annual surveys and countless testimonials driving consistently high retention, to impressive outcomes published in prominent medical journals – our model works. And it works in a wide variety of communities and practice dynamics across the country as evidenced by thousands of successful conversions. MDVIP has stood the test of time and flourished through adverse market forces, like economic recessions and a global pandemic. No other membership-based, primary care company has comparable depth of capability, breadth of resources or solid track record of growth every quarter. With two decades of experience and mutually aligned goals with our partners, MDVIP is committed to exceeding your expectations.

Patients from all walks of life choose this model for their primary care. Why?

• They are proactive and engaged in their health and well-being.
• They value more quality, one-on-one time with their physician.
• They require closer management of chronic conditions.
• They are busy executives from local businesses who prioritize expedience and have the authority to select your hospital system for their company’s employee health benefits. Of note, MDVIP has twice been named a top 10 executive health program by Worth magazine, in addition to being recognized among their top 7 executive health programs for women.

Patients who invest in protecting their greatest asset – their health - can be your benevolent hospital donors as well as those on fixed incomes. In short, MDVIP is not healthcare for the wealthy. The MDVIP personalized, preventive wellness program is an affordable option that appeals to consumers ages 55+, and over 50% are covered by Medicare.

Although MDVIP isn’t a fit for every doctor and every patient, our highly predictable methodology identifies physicians most likely to prosper in our model and quantifies the number of patients we anticipate joining. As part of our proprietary capacity assessment, MDVIP creates a customized operational blueprint to help ensure patients who prefer not to participate can be absorbed by existing or newly recruited providers and retained in your system. Patient redistribution to physicians with less volume can improve the profitability of practices you are subsidizing while continuing to support specialty care referral patterns and the downstream revenue this generates.