Expand Your Market

MDVIP can help bring new patients to your hospital doorsBring New Patients to Your Door

MDVIP’s enterprise solution for primary care delivers superior service and unmatched satisfaction, while generating healthy returns for hospital systems.

In our dynamic healthcare environment where needs and expectations of empowered patients continue to evolve, have you considered expanding your system’s reach with membership-based  practices? MDVIP’s alternative care model enhances your primary care portfolio by creating new value for health systems and the communities they serve. 

Around 65% of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of membership medical practices. In response to the growing demand for more personalized care, health systems and physician groups around the country have chosen to partner with MDVIP. Our affiliated doctors and patients are reporting high satisfaction. Health systems are improving their commercial viability. 

As a system leader, you’ll find that partnering with MDVIP: 

  • Fulfills an unmet market need.
  • Advances your competitive position.
  • Diversifies revenue sources.
  • Increases your bottom line.
  • Optimizes physicians’ careers.
  • Promotes patient retention within your service lines.

The MDVIP Difference 
Backed by two decades of perfecting our proprietary analytics, MDVIP conducts a sophisticated assessment to evaluate the scope of opportunity for your organization. We've examined thousands of practices and millions of patient records using business intelligence software, machine learning and physician/patient segmentation. 

We'll furnish you with a comprehensive business and financial study to integrate the MDVIP program within your care delivery options. You incur no upfront cost to investigate the potential for your health system, and you will benefit risk-free from our detailed, predictive analysis and recommendations.

Start exploring the MDVIP difference today. Fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 866.479.8709.