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The year I graduated from medical school, 1982, a brave new world of cardiology was just beginning. Researchers conducting a trial of the drug lovastatin discovered it lowered cholesterol in a small group of patients with a genetic predisposition for dangerously high cholesterol. Patients with this… See more

Do you see your dentist regularly?

If you do, good for you. Unfortunately, only about two-thirds of Americans have seen their dentists in the last 12 months. That’s bad for their teeth, and it may also be bad for their heart. That’s because there’s a link between what’s… See more
There's so much more to heart health than knowing basic cholesterol numbers, like total cholesterol, HDL and LDL. Did you the size and number of your LDL cholesterol particles matter? Learn more about cholesterol in this video from Dr. Alan Reisinger. TRANSCRIPT Do you know… See more
A 2020 study found that periodontal disease influences the development of atherosclerosis, the buildup of plaque along the walls of your arteries. Learn more in this short video with Dr. Alan Reisinger.
When you’re at the dentist, do you ever think about your… See more
You may not realize it, but your mental health can heavily influence your risk for heart disease. From stress to anxiety to depression, how your feeling can affect your heart's health. Learn more in this video from Dr. Alan Reisinger. TRANSCRIPT: I’m sure you know that things… See more
You may not know this, but heart disease is actually the number one complication of diabetes. Having type 2 diabetes doubles your risk for heart disease. Even having pre-diabetes, a diagnosis where your blood glucose levels are above normal but not quite high enough to be considered type 2,… See more
As an internal medicine physician for 36 years, I was never fond of New Year’s resolutions. They always seemed artificial and destined to fail. And if you’ve ever made one, you probably know what I’m talking about. 

New Years Resolutions Statistics

In fact, about 45 percent of Americans… See more
It has become clear to me, after more than 35 years of medical practice, that the traditional approach to cardiovascular disease is missing the boat. Just look at these dismal statistics: Heart disease has been the No. 1 cause of death in this country since 1900. Somebody has a heart attack every… See more
Every few years, MDVIP invites its affiliated physicians to a national meeting. In my 10 years with the company, I’ve been to all of them. This year we met in Dallas. Why do we get together? To learn from each other and experts about the latest medical trends in prevention and wellness – and to… See more
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