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By Janet Tiberian, MA, MPH, CHES
March 19, 2021
Most of us appreciate the wisdom that comes with age, but not the gray hair. Age and genes are probably the most widely accepted reasons for hair color loss. But thyroid conditions and low vitamin B12 levels also can play a role, as can… See more
December 28, 2020
Think of good friends as a tool – not unlike diet and exercise, really – to promote mental and physical health. You can’t measure the benefits directly, but the ripple effect of strong social connections improves heart health, brain function, even your immune system.  What if you’re perfectly… See more
December 28, 2020
America has a loneliness problem.  A report released in 2020 found that more than three in five adults are lonely. Many say they feel left out, poorly understood or short on companionship.  Loneliness is associated with poor health outcomes including cognitive decline, depression and longer… See more
December 28, 2020
We all have a friend or two we’ve known for years and still adore. Too often, these gems don’t live near us anymore. We can count on them for support and great conversation, but that happens by phone and text these days.  As much as we love our dearest friends far away, they can’t fulfill our… See more
December 28, 2020
We reach out to friends to solve problems. We call them to share good news. We meet them for walks, for lunch, for card games. All the while, and with every interaction, we grow healthier – without stepping foot in a gym or counting a single calorie.  More than 20 years of research connect… See more
By Janet Tiberian, MA, MPH, CHES
September 18, 2020
Most of us are stressed every day (in fact 55 percent in one Gallup poll reported feeling stressed for a good portion of the previous day). Unfortunately, that stress isn’t healthy. Uncontrolled stress is tied to heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes, headaches, depression … it’s a long list.… See more
May 4, 2020
Many people are excited to "get back to normal" as businesses reopen and regular activities resume; I am too! But there's still the need to protect ourselves against COVID-19 while coming into contact with the general public again. Here are some action steps that you can take to help stay safe and… See more
April 9, 2020
The COVID-19 coronavirus is disrupting almost every aspect of our lives. A level of uncertainty and isolation has become prevalent with social distancing and quarantine measures, which can greatly impact our mental health. This is why it is essential to take care of yourself not only physically,… See more
By Janet Tiberian, MA, MPH, CHES
April 7, 2020
Like a lot of Americans, you’re probably sheltering-in-place and you may be stuck doing it for a while. As we all try to flatten the coronavirus curve, you may be wondering how you’re going to manage being cooped up with your spouse, parents, children or roommates 24/7 -- even if they’re your… See more
March 28, 2020
The new coronavirus is taking its toll on our collective mental health. Worn out, angry, worried, confused: These are just some of the emotions my patients feel. I’m sure these apply to many of you and your loved ones, too. What I tell my patients, and what I hope to impart to a broader audience… See more
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