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By Janet Tiberian
February 16, 2018
Plant-based diets are credited with preventing, treating and even reversing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. For a dedicated omnivore, plant-based proteins probably don’t sound very appealing. Who wants to swap a T-bone steak for a mushroom-lentil loaf?  But a new… See more
January 12, 2018
Sugar is toxic. No, it won’t kill in seconds like cyanide does, but it does kill—in a slow, insidious manner. Sugar is linked to a wide variety of… See more
By Janet Tiberian
January 12, 2018
You probably crave salty food from time to time -- whether it’s crunchy potato chips or a slice of pizza. A wide range of variables can trigger a salt craving, throwing a monkey wrench into your diet. But there’s good news: Eating spicy foods can curb your salt cravings, according to a study… See more
By Louis B Malinow, MD
December 12, 2017
Have you seen What the Health? It’s a Netflix vegan documentary that critiques the meat and dairy industries. I've gotten a lot of questions about it lately and I thought I’d share some of my insights. Keep in mind that What the Health? is a movie produced to promote veganism.… See more
November 28, 2017
If you pay attention to nutrition news, you’ve probably heard just about everything about eggs. The good, the bad and the half-boiled! Here’s the latest: Eggs aren’t the pariah they once were.  In fact, moderate egg consumption (one egg a day) may have a beneficial effect on cognitive performance… See more
November 28, 2017
I encourage my patients to increase healthy fat intake. Along with fish, certain nuts and seeds, avocado, and even a few saturated fats like coconut oil, I strongly advocate for daily intake of extra virgin olive oil. Most patients know that olive oil is healthy, but are confused about how to… See more
November 28, 2017
Now that you’ve gotten to know your grocery store better, it’s time to put your new knowledge to the test. Before you shop, read through these eight tips to make your experience a little healthier.

Make a list and stick to it.

It may sound trite, but shopping with a grocery list is a… See more
November 28, 2017
1. Extra virgin olive oil:
You should aim for one to two tablespoons daily of cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil. (Why olive oil? Here are my reasons.) 2. Nuts:
Go for macadamia and pistachio first… See more
By Janet Tiberian
November 7, 2017
Sudden cardiac arrest is scary: Someone collapses. They have no pulse, they’re not breathing, and they have a complete loss of consciousness. Their heart has suddenly and unexpectedly stopped beating. Usually, they die. In fact, about 350,000 Americans will suffer a sudden cardiac arrest this year… See more
By Janet Tiberian
November 6, 2017
The average American gets about 10 percent of their calories from added sugars. Added sugars — from high fructose corn syrup to honey — are sugars and syrups that manufacturers add to processed foods. Ten percent may not seem like very much, but added sugars are empty calories that can lead to… See more
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