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September 17, 2018
If you've struggled with your weight, you know that fat can be a bad three-letter word. You've warded against it, tried to reduce it and agonized over what fat can do to your self-esteem and your waist line. But how much do you really know about fat? And how much could you improve your life if… See more
July 19, 2018
The TODAY Show recently featured the MDVIP/IPSOS Fat IQ survey in a clip on choosing the right diet. Hosts Savannah Guthrie and Willie Geist discussed the results with Dr. Drew… See more
July 17, 2018
As a family physician in Alexandria, Virginia, I’m routinely asked by patients, “What should I eat to lower my cholesterol?” It’s an important question. Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance in all your cells. When you have too much of it, it can stick to the lining of your blood vessels,… See more
By Dr. Andrea Klemes
July 2, 2018
Just about all of us have embarked on a weight loss journey at some point in our lives. In fact, more than 80 percent of Americans currently report being over their ideal weight in a new MDVIP survey. The good news is that… See more
June 22, 2018
The supplement aisle in grocery stores is tempting, isn’t it? The labels on the backs of the bottles would have you believe that for just a few dollars, you could take a pill that improves a huge range of symptoms – or just your overall health.  I have a feeling you know the bad “news” I’m about… See more
June 19, 2018
Sherry, a member of an MDVIP-affiliated practice in Phoenix, talks about how she was able to work with her physician to lose weight. "He (Dr. Kevin Turner) came up with the plan to help me lose weight," Sherri says. "In the first year I lost about 50 pounds.… See more
By Janet Tiberian
May 18, 2018
When it comes to aging, there are no magic pills. But a new study is shining light on a supplement that may help reverse aging in your blood vessels.  MitoQ -- an anti-aging supplement and pharmaceutical grade antioxidant -- may reverse vascular aging in older adults by as much as 15 to 20 years,… See more
By Janet Tiberian
May 2, 2018
If you lived through the 1980s “war on fat”, you probably can’t help but wonder if eating fat can cause weight gain. And it doesn’t matter how many studies support the health benefits of healthy fats, there’s still an inkling of doubt that makes you hesitate before “indulging” in grass-fed butter,… See more
By Janet Tiberian
May 2, 2018
You may already know that fats are classified as being saturated or unsaturated. It gets a little more complicated beyond these basic categories. Here’s what you need to know.  
Unsaturated fat is broken into two groups – cis fats and trans fats.  Cis FatsSee more
By Janet Tiberian
April 5, 2018
Following the DASH diet seems to reduce your chances of developing depression, according to preliminary study presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 70th Annual Meeting… See more
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