Anthony J. Ross, MD

Internal Medicine
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Anthony J. Ross, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

As a physician my goal has always been to deliver the best medical care available. Listening to the patient and understanding their needs are key elements in formulating a plan of healthcare. A patient and their physician should work together to formulate a plan that will accommodate the patient's needs and concerns and yet meet the goals of quality healthcare. As a MDVIP-affiliated physician I have both the time and resources to deliver total quality healthcare to my patients.

Dr. Ross' Credentials

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Emory University Affiliated Hospitals
Atlanta, GA
Internal Medicine 1973-1974
Norfolk Naval Hospital
Norfolk, VA

Emory University Affiliated Hospitals
Atlanta, GA

Medical School:
Temple University Health Science Center
Philadelphia, PA
Doctorate of Medicine 1972

University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY
Master of Science 1968

Wilkes University
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Bachelor of Arts 1966

American Board of Internal Medicine
Bryan LGH Medical Center
St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center
Physician Recognition Reward 1979, 1988
Utilization Review Committee, United Healthcare of the Midlands 1997-2000
Medical Advisor, Diabetes Teaching Centers of America 1994-1997
Medical Drug Review Officer 1994-1995
Chairman, AD HOC Nephrology Committee 1990-1993
TQI Financial Committee 1991-1993
Chairman, Department of Medicine, Bryant Memorial Hospital 1990-1991
Section Chief, Bryan LGH Medical Center 1987-1988
American College of Physicians
Nebraska Medical Association
U.S. Navy, served overseas in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Ross

from Bruce in NE February 12, 2024 for Anthony J. Ross, MD
Image provided by: Bruce

At 5:30 one morning I was getting dressed when I tripped and fell on the cast iron radiator in my bedroom. I had a severe cut on my eyebrow and forehead. I put an ice pack on it and set down to if I had any other issues. At 7 am I called his cell phone and told him what happened. He asked me if I was able to drive. When I responded that I could he said that he would meet me at his office. He… See more

from Terry in NE February 11, 2024 for Anthony J. Ross, MD

Dr. Has been my primary doctor since the late 1980s. He has helped me thru diabetes, flu, colds, pandemics, literally every illness known to humans. All the time he has had a great mix of professionalism and humor

from Glenn in NE January 22, 2024 for Anthony J. Ross, MD
Image provided by: Glenn

Other than my wife of 50 years, Dr. Anthony Ross has been my most trusted life partner. Dr. Ross "inherited" me from another Internal Medicine physician in 1983. Through 40 annual physicals, some physical ailments, several adventure injuries and a few serious health scares, he has been a rock... thoughtful, steady, bright and knowledgeable. I deeply appreciate that Dr. Ross has remained one of… See more

from Chris in NE January 19, 2024 for Anthony J. Ross, MD

My doctor, Anthony Ross, is available when I need help or information. His care is state of the art and immediate when I need it.

from James in NE January 18, 2024 for Anthony J. Ross, MD

Without going into very much detail lets just say the Dr. Ross has treated our family, has become a valued and trusted professional to all of us for almost 5 decades.

Dr Ross, treated my Grandmother, my Father, my Mother, my Aunt, Myself and now my Son. 4 Generations!!

from Sharon Kay in NE January 18, 2024 for Anthony J. Ross, MD

Whenever I don’t feel well or have a pain somewhere I can call and get in the same day. Dr Ross is always caring and fun to talk to. He has always been right in his diagnosis of what I have or need.

from Carol in NE January 18, 2024 for Anthony J. Ross, MD

Dr Anthony Ross has been our family doctor for many years. He was our doctor before he became a member of MDVIP. He is so knowledgeable about me that whenever I have any type of illness he knows exactly what medications that I am allergic too-which are many- so that he can prescribe something that will help me get over my illness. He can usually see me on short notice if I have something… See more

from Douglas and Carol in NE March 20, 2020 for Anthony J. Ross, MD

My wife and I have been Doctor Anthony Ross's patients for many many years. He has always remembered our health histories and Carols extensive medicine allergies. When we go to him with an issue he always has options for our care and gives us his recommendation and lets us decide the next step. If he feels that we need to see a specialist, he always provides us with another doctor that he… See more

from Glenn in NE March 16, 2020 for Anthony J. Ross, MD
Image provided by: Glenn

About ten years ago I had a very bad medical emergency which centered around my diabetes. My neighbor was seeing Dr Ross at this time for his diabetes. I got an appointment and have been with Dr Ross ever since. Being connected with MDVIP has been an extra bonus. I travel for a living and it gives me peace of mind that wherever I am there are medical services available. Thanks Dr Ross for… See more

from Linda in NE March 12, 2020 for Anthony J. Ross, MD

I was taken to see Dr. Ross when having a pap test over 20 yrs ago by my gynecologist who would not let me out of the building - he immediately sent me down for a brain scan and it turns out I'd had a stroke. He has seen me through that, several concussions, a later battle with cancer that went from nothing to stage IV within a year, and now we are dealing with possible atpyical… See more