Edward B. Portnoy, MD

Internal Medicine
1220 La Venta Drive Suite 100
Westlake Village, CA 91361 Get Directions
Edward B. Portnoy, MD
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495.00 every 3 months
990.00 every 6 months
1,980.00 each year

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My philosophy of medical practice can be described as "proactive wellness' This is accomplished by developing close and personal relationships with my patients through frequent interactions. My staff and I also make extensive use of the latest tools and technology for early detection and disease prevention. We strive for improved quality of life as well as longevity for all of our patients.

Dr. Portnoy's Credentials

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VA Medical Center, UCLA
Sepulveda, CA

VA Medical Center, UCLA
Sepulveda, CA

Medical School:
State University of New York Downstate, School of Medicine
Brooklyn, NY
Doctorate of Medicine 1974

VA Medical Center, UCLA
Sepulveda, CA
Nephrology FWSHP 1977-1978

Rutgers University
Camden, NJ
Bachelor of Arts 1970

American Board of Internal Medicine
Los Robles Regional Medical Center 1978-present
Medical Director Westlake Medical Research 1995-present
California Certificate Number: G30207

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Portnoy

from Chales March 29, 2017 for Edward B. Portnoy, MD

Dr. Portnoy is a very kind person. Were it not for him the last 8 years would have been difficult for me and my wife. He has nurtured me to the tender age of 98 and we are looking forward to making it to 100.
Being available, with great advise and encouragement at odd hours, has been priceless. The best action we took is to join MDVIP.
Thank you for such fine service.
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from Ronald March 28, 2017 for Edward B. Portnoy, MD

I like my ability to phone Dr. Portnoy on his personal cell phone 7 days per week and get him on the phone virtually every time I have called.
I do not have to be routed through incompetent office staff, as has been my experience over the last 60 years with dozens of other physicians.
That should be the most distinctive selling point for MDVIP.
It is well worth the annual fee… See more

from Janet in CA March 9, 2016 for Edward B. Portnoy, MD

Due to a local pharmacy filling my Rx with the incorrect medication, which I ingested, I could have become more ill and incapacitated or worse than I did, unless Dr Portnoy had not responded with immediate response to my phone call with my symptoms of passing out. He leaped into immediate investigation on the kind of med the pharmacy filled incorrectly, tried to get back to me at home, but I… See more

from Ingrid in CA March 28, 2015 for Edward B. Portnoy, MD

This May my husband will be 97 years young. Was it not for being a patient of Dr. Portnoy, I do not believe he would have reached this age.
We receive excellent care and concern, I cannot imagine what our lives would have been like without this personal attention.
Thank you a lot.

from Reuben in CA February 24, 2014 for Edward B. Portnoy, MD

I have been a member since 2008. The value of peace of mind of knowing that I have the uninterrupted and complete attention of one of the best-known practitioners in my geography pleases me - it is an investment that exceeds my expectations. Dr. Portnoy and staff are highly regarded by me - I am a healthcare practitioner pharmacist and I recognize compassionate care. I pray for Dr. Portnoy… See more

from Thomas in CA February 13, 2014 for Edward B. Portnoy, MD

Re: Doctor Portnoy
February 9, 2014

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to show our gratitude for the people that remain behind the scenes, yet make such an enormous difference.

Its hard to imagine not having a true confidant in our lives; someone with whom we can share our most intimate secrets, embarrassing moments, frailties and triumphs big and small. Its our family… See more