Mark J. Kaminski, MD

Internal Medicine
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Mark J. Kaminski, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal as a doctor is to provide personal, individualized care that promotes overall wellness, not simply to treat illness when it occurs; to be proactive toward health, not reactive. To use all of the medical knowledge and resources available to prevent potential problems and allow patients to create and live a healthy lifestyle that is resistant to disease. I develop personal relationships with my patients and become their friend as well as their doctor. From this relationship, I learn and understand what is important to them, what their goals are and what challenges they face. I see patients as real people, actually listen to them and treat them with respect, dignity and compassion. I consider the person as a whole, each with distinctive physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cultural characteristics. My approach is to establish a true partnership working together to design a wellness plan unique to each individual. Patients take an active role in determining the direction of their health care and I provide the information, skill, education and guidance to help them understand their current health condition and to establish and achieve their wellness goals. And I will always be a patient advocate. I will do anything I can to navigate the complexities of our health care system to ensure that it does not become an obstacle to health, but rather maximize the benefits it has to offer.

Dr. Kaminski's Credentials

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University of Maryland Medical Systems
Baltimore, MD
Internal Medicine 1994-1996

University of Maryland Medical Systems
Baltimore, MD

Medical School:
University of Michigan Medical School
Ann Arbor, MI
Doctorate of Medicine 1993

University of Michigan, Inteflex Program
Ann Arbor, MI
Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Sciences 1990

National Board of Medical Examiners
St. Johns Providence Hospital
Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society 1996-present
Best Teaching Resident Award, University of Maryland 1994-1996
Regional Medical Director, Providence Hospital 1999-2003
Board Member, Providence Park Medical Building Group 2005-2009
Vice President Medical Staff, Providence Park Hospital 2011-2013
American College of Physicians
Alpha Omega Alpha, Medical Honor Society, Beta Chapter
Professional interests: Wellness Care & Disease Prevention,
Chronic Disease Management and Coordination of Care,
Strategic Healthy Lifestyle Planning,
Diet, Exercise, and Stress Reduction Counseling,
Cardiology, Hypertension, and Cholesterol Management,
Diabetes Prevention and Treatment.
Personal interests: Travel, entertaining, Barbeque and Polish cooking, movies, reading, foreign medical missions, fishing, hunting, golf, running, waterskiing, wakeboarding,
certified SCUBA diving, downhill snow skiing, and spectator sports: Go Wolverines, Red Wings, Lions, and Tigers!

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Kaminski

from Janet in MI March 19, 2020 for Mark J. Kaminski, MD

I have suffered from migraines for 30+ years. A previous doctor told me it was all in my head (really???). Dr. Kaminski understood what I was going thru immediately and worked to find a preventative that would work for me. During a particular nasty time when I was experiencing cluster migraines with no relief for months on end, he worked me into his schedule in less than an hour to care for… See more

from Sandra in MI March 16, 2020 for Mark J. Kaminski, MD

My spine twisted last year causing a lot of pain. We were in Florida and have a Dr, Ron Hernandez, who called Dr. Mark Kaminsky, my doctor, discussing my problems and decided the best way to help this. MDVIP doctors are great. They worked together.

from Armand in MI March 12, 2020 for Mark J. Kaminski, MD

Dr. Kaminski is a very caring physician who is professional and friendly with a very high diagnostic capability. He is our entire family main physician and we are grateful for his ability as physician as well as a good friend who listen to all your issues and provides appropriate diagnostics. We are very happy to have Dr. Kaminski as our family doctor.

from Nancy in MI March 12, 2020 for Mark J. Kaminski, MD

Dr Mark Kaminski always has or makes time for me and my many medical issues these last few years.
He’s a very kind, caring and knowledgeable professional! He not only hears but truly listens and has ways or looks to find ways to remedy or help with a malady.
His yearly exam includes all we need to know and other testing during the year is spot on to diagnose and treat.
His… See more

from Cora Mae in MI March 12, 2020 for Mark J. Kaminski, MD

When I started seeing Dr. Kaminski I was very overweight, had high blood pressure and an abundance of overactive energy. He encouraged me to go to the gym and work out - I am now a Senior Olympic Gold medalist twice in the Ironman weightlifting- category. Along with encouraging me to go to the gym and working slowlyup with the weights I also started eating healthier to maintain the muscle… See more

from Ron and Mary in MT March 12, 2020 for Mark J. Kaminski, MD

Mark, you've been amazing to my family. You were there for Coop, and continue to be vital to us. Your care and patience and knowledge are so comforting to have available to us. We are truly blessed to have you and your team in our lives. Many thanks, Mark!!!

from Gerry in MI March 12, 2020 for Mark J. Kaminski, MD

It's been a long journey with Dr. Kaminski as I have been seeing him as a patient for close to 20 years. He and his staff have always been great and attentive to my concerns and needs. Their responsiveness and friendly interaction are much appreciated. After years of struggling with high blood pressure and ups and downs with my weight, I believe Dr Kaminski has me on the right path… See more

from Christopher in MI March 11, 2020 for Mark J. Kaminski, MD

I think i'm probably a pretty typical late forties, overly stressed, and over-scheduled business man. Work has always been a priority for me - even over my own health. "I'm fine" and "I don't have time for all that stuff" are statements made and worn almost as badges to show how dedicated we are to everything and everyone else. Health issues though have a… See more

from George in MI March 10, 2020 for Mark J. Kaminski, MD

Dr. Kaminski has been my primary care physician for many years....even prior to MDVIP. I feel honored to tell my friends that he is my doctor and can very easily brag about him and his team. I have nothing but very positive things to say about him, both personally and professionally. He has always made himself available to me and his given me great advice over the years. I am very lucky to… See more