Brian K. Jorgensen, MD

Internal Medicine
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Brian K. Jorgensen, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal in taking care of my patients is to consider all their needs - emotional as well as physical. Combining diagnostic skills, cumulative experience practicing medicine and a sincere interest in making the lives of my patients better, I have the ability to help make their path to a long and healthy life a much easier one. The biggest compliment I receive is to be told that a doctor finally cared enough to listen!

Dr. Jorgensen's Credentials

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Hahnemann University
Philadelphia, PA
Chief Medical Resident 1987-1988

Hahnemann University
Philadelphia, PA
Intern of the Year, Internal Medicine 1984-1985

Medical School:
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI
Doctorate of Medicine 1984

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
Bachelor of Science 1979

American Board of Internal Medicine
John C. Lincoln Hospital North
Phoenix Magazine Top Doctor 2010
Passion for landscape design and horticulture
Enjoy hiking, exercise, spectator sports
Love traveling when time allows

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Jorgensen

from Nancy in AZ March 22, 2024 for Brian K. Jorgensen, MD

Dr. Brian Jorgensen is an exceptional doctor and caregiver. He has always been receptive to my concerns and challenges. We have been with him for 15-20 years. My husband and I consider ourselves truly blessed to have him for our go to doctor. There have been times of great personal stress for me and he took the time to be truly attentive. He has answered questions, solved health problems and… See more

from Margherita in AZ March 6, 2024 for Brian K. Jorgensen, MD

We met Dr. Jorgensen several years ago at a "meet and greet" event hosted by then Dr. Ned Stolzberg, who was leaving the MDVIP group. At the time, my mother-in law was in need of a new MDVIP doctor. I will never forget how Dr. J, came around his presentation table, bent to her height, grasped her hands in his and spoke directly to her with such a caring, compassionate demeanor.… See more

from Michael in AZ February 10, 2024 for Brian K. Jorgensen, MD

One of the great pleasures of my life is having met Dr Jorgenson. It is not one thing that sets him apart. It is the deep and genuine concern he has for my health and well being. He is always there for me. And I truly mean always. He is a wonderful person but an even better person. 

from David in AZ February 10, 2024 for Brian K. Jorgensen, MD

Dr. Brian Jorgensen is the epitome of physician excellence. Supremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and empathetic. Absolutely the BEST.

from Joyce in AZ February 10, 2024 for Brian K. Jorgensen, MD
Image provided by: Joyce

Dr Jorgensen has the most amazing demeanor. He is always very professional, but in a very kind and caring way.I never feel like I am being rushed thru an office appointment or a phone conversation. When talking with him I feel as though he cares for me as he would a family member. Who wouldn’t love that!
Dr Jorgensen I am so blessed to have you as my Doctor!

from Michael in AZ January 24, 2024 for Brian K. Jorgensen, MD

I have been a patient of Brian’s for approximately 20 years I owe my great health to him because he. Is the kind of doctor who actually listens when talk He is a very intelligent doctor who always make you feel comfortable with any problem you have even the non medical ones Brian always goes what I believe is beyond the norm of customer service Most of all I consider him a trusted friend… See more

from Kevin in AZ January 23, 2024 for Brian K. Jorgensen, MD

For 6 years i was really sick , & my nervosas system was really effected by what I had.
I went to 7 different Doctors , specialist & the Mayo Hospital trying to figure out what was wrong with me or what I had.
Not one of the 7 doctor's I went to could figure out what I had & what was wrong with me so basically they just gave up & said I would have to live with… See more

from Marsha in AZ January 20, 2024 for Brian K. Jorgensen, MD
Image provided by: Marsha

We have had the privilege of having Brian as our Doctor for over “9” years! He treated us literally as family. I believe he may be one of the smartest Doctor I have known.
He makes us feel special, never a bother…..We love and adore him
💕💕💕💕Marsha and Ted Alpert

from Mary and Duwayne in AZ January 19, 2024 for Brian K. Jorgensen, MD

My husband and I are both patients of Dr. Brian Jorgensen. He is terrific! He really listens. We have never had more complete physicals. He answers all our questions and is available by phone or text if we have any concerns. We get written reports of all our test results. AND --He is amused by our corny jokes!

from Char in AZ January 19, 2024 for Brian K. Jorgensen, MD

Brian Jorgensen is the quintessential dream physician, reminiscent of those wonderful physicians of my youth. His passion exudes from within and the caring aspect so critical to the medical field lives in his heart. He responds immediately to requests, regardless of level of urgency. Brian genuinely connects with people in such a heartfelt manner. His touch alone always offers such great… See more