Lynda Freeland, MD

Internal Medicine
5200 Park Avenue Suite 204
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Lynda Freeland, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I am a believer in practicing evidence-based medicine but have a strong aversion to the increasing trend to practice "cookie cutter medicine" where physician extenders use algorithms to treat patients that they barely know. All my patients are unique with their own specific, particular circumstances and concerns regarding their health. I have always tried to get to know my patients personally so that they feel comfortable telling me about their concerns. It is very distressing that the increasing demands of seeing more and more patients has forced me to have very little time to get to know my patients on the level I feel they need and deserve.
I enjoy practicing medicine in partnership with my patients; developing plans for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of their medical problems and plans that are tailored to their specific needs. I certainly enjoy seeing male patients, but I have a large number of female patients who seem to appreciate seeing a female doctor who takes their concerns as seriously as they do. I believe that partnering with MDVIP will allow us to offer more availability as well as more time for me to spend with my patients, so I can give them the optimal care.

Dr. Freeland's Credentials

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University of Tennessee Center of Health Sciences
Memphis, TN
Internal Medicine 1982-1984

University of Tennessee Center of Health Sciences
Memphis, TN

Medical School:
University of Tennessee Center of Health Sciences
Memphis, TN
Doctorate of Medicine 1981

Southwestern at Memphis, now Rhodes College
Memphis, TN
Bachelor of Science, Biology 1977

American Board of Internal Medicine
Baptist Hospital
Methodist Hospital
Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Freeland

from Jill in TN April 3, 2024 for Lynda Freeland, MD

I had an auto accident (not my fault) in August 2021- still the height of the pandemic. I went to the hospital via ambulance and ended up being there from 7pm until 7am the next morning. Because the ER was so crowded, I had to be in the ER waiting room and never, in that 12 hour period, saw a doctor. If it had not been for my MDVIP doctor, I would have been there even longer. Dr. Freeland… See more

from Katrina in TN March 10, 2024 for Lynda Freeland, MD

When I told Dr Freeland that my four-legged baby Hazel died. She was so kind and express her sympathy and asked what happened to Hazel.

Dr Freeland was also the same caring way when Crudgie died a little over two years ago. Expressing her sympathy and caring about me, how I was taking the loss of my beloved four-legged baby.

Her actions in those two occasions are just small… See more

from Rose in TN March 4, 2024 for Lynda Freeland, MD

Dr. Lynda Freeland has been my primary care doctor for over thirty years. Two of my best friends recommended Dr. Freedland to me when she was a physician at Foundation Medical Center of Wolf River Boulevard. I followed Dr. Freeland to her new office on Park Avenue (MDVIP), not only for her medical credentials and extensive medical knowledge, but for her ability to listen, to show that she… See more

from Mary Jo in TN February 19, 2024 for Lynda Freeland, MD

I knew Dr. Freeland when she was a senior in high school. She knew then that she wanted to become a doctor.
She is now my physician. I feel fortunate. Dr.Freeland is intelligent, knowledgeable and attentive.

from Caroline in TN February 19, 2024 for Lynda Freeland, MD

I a SO thankful that friends, the Fitzgerald’s, told me about Dr. Lynda Freeland. What a blessing! I no longer dread going to the doctor because she is so engaged, empathetic, never rushed and a joy to be with. What a realization that I now look forward to appointments. I trust her advice and treasure this new professional relationship!

from Ruth Anne in TN February 18, 2024 for Lynda Freeland, MD
Image provided by: Ruth Anne

My MDVIP physician is ALWAYS available, extremely knowledgeable, very caring and so is her staff. She has guided my husband and I through several health issues with skill and concern. She is a treasure!!! We just keep moving forward under her excellent care.

from Gladys in TN February 18, 2024 for Lynda Freeland, MD

After tripping coming out of Dr. Freeland’s office and lying on the floor waiting for an ambulance, I was truly horrified that I could be having a brain bleed. As I prayed, I knew Dr Freeland and her staff were praying also! She called repeatedly checking on me while in the ER and the next five days while in the hospital. For many years she has continued to treat me not just as her patient but… See more

from Sidney in TN February 18, 2024 for Lynda Freeland, MD

Lynda Freeland, M.D. is the epitome of an excellent physician. She is knowledgeable and caring. I trust that she will handle any medical situation with the utmost professionalism. I have been very fortunate to be under her care.

from Mary Ann in TN January 19, 2024 for Lynda Freeland, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Freeland's for over thirty years. She has provided excellent care for all my health needs during this time. Her expertise is only exceeded by her compassion. The extra time that she can spend with me as an MDVIP patient adds to my joy to have her as my doctor.

Thank you, Dr. Freeland.

from Katrina in TN March 26, 2020 for Lynda Freeland, MD

Dr. Lynda Freeland makes sure I have everything I need to be healthy. She has a caring team, who assist her in providing excellent care.

Dr. Freeland is very well respected by the medical profession. When Dr. Brown left Foundation Medical, one of my other doctors asked me how was I lucky enough to get Dr. Freeland. I told him I asked. He told me how fortunate I was she agreed to take… See more

Memphis Magazine featured MDVIP-Affiliated physician, Dr. Lynda Freeland, in an insightful article about the growing field of personalized medicine and the unique benefits that it has to offer. Learn how this approach to healthcare is improving people's lives.

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