Robin B. Merlino, MD

Internal Medicine
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Quality healthcare takes TIME. My MDVIP-affiliated practice gives me more TIME to listen, more TIME to care, more TIME to think, more TIME to focus on your care, more TIME to discuss your care with the appropriate consulting physicians, more TIME to guide you through the complex medical labyrinth our healthcare system has become, more TIME to detect problems early, more TIME to target prevention, and more TIME to be your “old-fashioned” doctor practicing modern, up-to-date, cutting-edge medicine. 

I strive to develop a strong doctor-patient relationship, assessing your medical needs and counseling you on the best evidence-based path to achieve your goals. I also focus on prevention to promote healthy lifestyles. The MDVIP model mirrors my ideals of giving you quality healthcare, preventive care and all the time it takes to do both jobs in a slower, deliberate and more personal manner. 

I have a talented and caring staff who welcome you with open arms and smiling faces into our office. My staff and I help manage your care and review and implement a treatment plan. The bonds we form with our patients are one of the most rewarding aspects of practicing personalized care. The MDVIP model has given me the ability to care for you in a manner that is difficult to find in a traditional medical office. I am honored and privileged to be an MDVIP-affiliated physician.

Dr. Merlino's Credentials

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George Washington University Medical Center
Washington, DC 1980-1983

George Washington University Medical Center
Washington, DC 1980-1983

Medical School:
University of Michigan Medical School
Ann Arbor, MI
Doctorate of Medicine 1980

Adelphi University
Garden City, NY
Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude 1976

American Board of Internal Medicine
INOVA Fairfax Hospital 1983-present
Listed as one of the top internists in the metropolitan Washington, DC area 1987-present in the Washingtonian magazine, the Washington, DC Consumers’ Checkbook, and the Northern Virginia Magazine
Patients’ Choice Award 
Compassionate Doctor Award 
One-Time Doctor Award
Member of the Medical Ethics Committee INOVA Fairfax Hospital since 1989 and co-chair for many years
Medical Director Annaburg Manor, skilled nursing facility, Manassas, Virginia 1996-2000
Chair of Medical Ethics Committee, Annaburg Manor, Manassas, Virginia 1996-2000
Clinical Instructor, George Washington University
University of Virginia, medical students rotate through my office
Teaching Attending Physician At INOVA Fairfax Hospital
MDVIP Medical Advisory Board 2009-present
American College of Physicians
Medical Society of Northern Virginia
National Lipid Association
from Thomas in VA March 7, 2014 for Robin B. Merlino, MD

I can honestly say that the good health I enjoy today is a direct result of the great care I have received from Dr. Merlino over the three decades she has been my primary care physician. Her focus on prevention has enabled me to effectively stay in front of my illnesses. She honestly means it when she says if you are ever admitted to the emergency room call me so I can coordinate your care,… See more

from Gerhard & Louise in VA February 24, 2014 for Robin B. Merlino, MD

We became patients of Dr. Merlino when she joined MDVIP and have been very satisfied with our association. She gives us the attention and care we need in a timely manner, and we have full confidence in her expertise. In addition she trains and retains an excellent support staff, who are as kind and responsive as she at all times. We consider ourselves fortunate to be in the care of a doctor… See more

from Kiros in VA February 24, 2014 for Robin B. Merlino, MD

I'm thrilled to have Dr. Merlino as my doctor for more than 20 years and I am really blessed to have her. She's kind, a good listener smart,, and she makes sure she answers all my question, concerns, etc. And if I get sick, even if she's booked, she still finds a way to see me. When I call her weekends, nights, she's there. So I am incredibly happy to have her as my doctor… See more

from Quita in VA February 22, 2014 for Robin B. Merlino, MD

Doctor Merlino has been my primary care doctor for over 20 years. She is caring professional, knowledgable, and thorough. She also has a great relationship with doctors that she refers you to. It is obvious they like, trust and respect her. Nine years ago I moved five hours away, but she is still my doctor. She is a phone call away and manages my health care in cooperation with others in… See more

from Charles in NJ February 21, 2014 for Robin B. Merlino, MD

Dr. Merlino is the best! Always goes above and beyond, and genuinely cares. Best. Doctor. Ever.

from Barbara in VA February 17, 2014 for Robin B. Merlino, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Merlino's since way before she became MDVIP. She is, without any doubt, the most thorough, caring and best doctor I have ever had. She is so knowledgeable about issues I have had and has helped me through every health issue with genuine care and utmost professionalism. My only concern with her is: I'm afraid of the day when tells her patients she is… See more

from Mary Beth in VA February 11, 2014 for Robin B. Merlino, MD

Dr. Merlino has made a profound difference in my medical life. I now know that I can relax in knowing that she is making the correct choices for me. Recently she told me that we are doing everything right for you when she read the results of my heart scan. I feel great, I am healthy and Dr. Merlino is taking excellent care of me. Her response and the office response to any questions I… See more

from Ann in VA February 10, 2014 for Robin B. Merlino, MD

Dr Merlino is the perfect blend of personal and professional. She has been my doctor for nearly 25 years so she knows me and my history well. I always feel that she is totally focused on me and my health when I see her. I have complete confidence in her care.

Once when my daughter had an emergency situation, Dr Merlino went above and beyond to provide not only medical but emotional… See more

from Fern in VA February 8, 2014 for Robin B. Merlino, MD

After a pacemaker was installed, my health seemed to be getting worse, instead of improving. When I contacted Dr Merlino and told her I was sure something was wrong, she made time available for an immediate visit to her office. After an exam I was scheduled for an X-ray. Dr Merlino promptly followed up after the x-ray, and scheduled an appointment for evaluation by heart specialists. This… See more

from Edwin in SC February 7, 2014 for Robin B. Merlino, MD

I have been fortunate to have had Robin as my doctor for 25 years. I tell her that She knows be better than anyone else; she was there when I was born. Not quite! Even though that is not true, I sure hope that she lives and can care for me as long as I have to live! Thank you Robin for your dedication and personal and professional care.

Annual Membership Fee

495.00per quarter
990.00per semi-annual
1,980.00per year