Wm. Terry Gipson, MD

Internal Medicine
1420 West Canal Court Suite 100
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Wm. Terry Gipson, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

There is nothing more central to life than its quality and longevity. It is, and has been, my calling to serve those aspects of your life by offering my time, experience, skills, and knowledge. Nothing is greater than the privilege of participating in your life at its most fundamental level and helping maintain your health.

Dr. Gipson's Credentials

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St. Luke's Medical Center
Denver, CO
Internal Medicine 1983-1985

St. Luke's Medical Center
Denver, CO
Internal Medicine 1982-1983

Medical School:
University of Texas Medical School in San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
Doctorate of Medicine 1982

Baylor University
Waco, TX
Bachelor of Science, Biology 1978

American Board of Internal Medicine
Littleton; Skyridge
Active Staff, Littleton Hospital 1989-2009
Active Staff, Sky Ridge Medical Center 2004-2009
Swedish Medical Center
- Active Staff 1985-2004
- CME Coordinator, Internal Medicine Department 1986-1988
Active Staff, Porter Memorial Hospital 1985-2003

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Gipson

from Stan in CO April 28, 2020 for Wm. Terry Gipson, MD

Dr Gipson, Thank you for your reliable care year after year. The guidance you have given us regarding exercise and nutrition at our annual physicals has proved to keep us healthy. We are truly grateful for you seeing us when we need you! We appreciate your help with Kristan. Thank you for your support with her. More information helps us feel better about the whole situation. We also enjoy your… See more

from John in CO March 11, 2020 for Wm. Terry Gipson, MD

Several years ago, my (then) PCP was thoroughly intoxicated and in a hospital. He stabbed a nurse in the arm with a scalpel.
I was left without a physician.
I searched for a new PCP. Although his practice was then full, Dr. Gipson welcomed me as a patient. From the outset, he has provide extraordinary care fDror my every need.
Words cannot describe my gratitude for Dr. Gipson… See more

from Bill in CO March 11, 2020 for Wm. Terry Gipson, MD

About twenty years ago or so (I've lost track!) I first me Dr Gipson and was immediately taken by his manner and care toward his patients. Life is strange and we all go through changes that sometimes are difficult to not only bear, but to understand as well. I have been fortunate in that regard to always be able to speak to a doctor who understood the issues that confronted me and who was… See more

from Jerry in CO March 10, 2020 for Wm. Terry Gipson, MD

I am 81-years-old, and have been a patient of Dr. Terry Gipson for almost 19 years, the last 4 years since Dr. Gipson became a MDVIP care provider. For approximately 3 plus years I had a low pulse rate...could never get it over 44 beats a minute, even after a vigorous workout or a 15 mile bike ride. Dr. Gipson was very aware of this and monitored it regularly. Since I had been in excellent… See more

from Shirley in CO March 10, 2020 for Wm. Terry Gipson, MD

I have used him for several years and have always been happy with seeing him. I think he takes good care of all my medical problems. I have friends that do not get the care that I do and they say you are lucky to have Dr. Gipson. He also runs a very caring office with nice friendly people. Yes, I would recommend him.

from Lorri in CO March 13, 2018 for Wm. Terry Gipson, MD

We've had Dr.Gipson as a physician for over 25 years and love him and his wonderful staff. When he decided to join MDVIP, it was a no-brainer that we would go with him there. I dread the day that he decides to retire, I can't even imagine! He's always been willing to listen and engage with his patients!

from Kelby and Marilyn in CO March 10, 2018 for Wm. Terry Gipson, MD

We are profoundly grateful for the personal touch found in Terry's highly professional and competent capacity as a first rate GP. He embodies the approach toward medicine as a healing professional rather than a corporate vehicle to make money. He is a perfect example of what Dr. Bernard Lown encouraged doctors to become in his 1996 book The Lost Art of Healing. Thank you Terry!

from William Scott in CO March 9, 2018 for Wm. Terry Gipson, MD

I value the long-term relationship Ive had with Doc Gipson, particularly his ability to listen and actually hear, his humor, his willingness to share about himself and his interests, and a level of trust my wife and I find priceless. I so dread the day he decides to join me in retirement. I pay the MDVIP fees only because of my relentless desire to maintain this relationship.