A Health System Entry Point

MDVIP Works with Your Hospital

Improve the commercial viability of your hospital system with MDVIP’s enterprise solution for primary care.

MDVIP partners with hospitals and healthcare systems. Find out how. It’s estimated that about 65 percent of the U.S. population resides within 10 miles of concierge-style medical practices. In response to the growing demand for more personalized care, health systems and physician groups around the country are connecting with MDVIP to help meet the community’s needs. MDVIP also opens new professional pathways for doctors — often extending their careers — with a high-quality, membership-based practice model that exceeds patient and physician expectations.

This model is an attractive gateway for new patients, while maintaining existing patients and reducing attrition to competitors. Integrating the MDVIP primary care option can help your hospital or large medical group operate a turnkey program that elevates the doctor-patient relationship and improves system performance and economics.

How Incorporating the MDVIP Program Enhances Your Healthcare Organization

  • Meet a growing desire for patient-centered care for different populations. This responsiveness to consumer wants and needs distinguishes you in the marketplace and strengthens patient loyalty.
  • Generate predictable revenue which is not primarily dependent on insurance payments. Generally, the majority of this additional revenue comes directly from patient membership fees.
  • Promote renewed physician engagement among a frustrated primary care medical staff. Enrich and extend doctors’ careers with a model that matches their preferred way to practice. Avoid the costly expense and productivity loss related to physician burnout and early retirement.

The MDVIP Difference

Backed by two decades of perfecting our proprietary analytics, MDVIP conducts a sophisticated assessment to evaluate the scope of opportunity for your organization. We've examined tens of thousands of practices and millions of patient records using business intelligence software, machine learning and physician/patient segmentation. We'll furnish you with a comprehensive appraisal and the financial viability of implementing MDVIP within your physician portfolio. You incur no upfront cost to explore the potential for your hospital system, and you will benefit from our detailed analysis and recommendations.

From opening an MDVIP-affiliated office through sustaining optimal patient membership and eventually assisting with a physician’s retirement from medicine, we have highly skilled staff dedicated to each practice supporting its unique marketing and communication needs. This includes a practice-specific launch plan, a tailored practice development plan and an MDVIP in-house customer service and sales center of 100-plus trained agents who will represent your organization to handle inbound and outbound calls related to membership.

Start exploring the MDVIP difference today — fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 866.479.8709.