24-7 even at home story #1

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| March, 31 2020 | for Thomas G. Serio, MD

The truth is I could write a great TV series easy there has been many times Dr. Serio has come through for me and my son. So we start with the first episode late in the evening a bad asthma attack call the office to see who is on call. Dr. Serio answers no machine he is still at the office. I explained the situation and ask him why he was still working "just getting caught up Where do you live"? odd to me but he was figuring out was I closer to the office or his house so we didn't waste anytime. The office was the fastest route and closer to the all night pharmacy. He had the script written and was waiting at the door. I stepped in to get script and shake hands (we could do that back then) He held tight and ask what was on my arm. Worried about my Son I had failed to see the giant volcano on my arm. Out came the script book, ointments,bandages and more instructions. In the end the spider bite turned out to be a bigger pain than the asthma attack, but he handled that during regular office hours. Thats just episode one but its late and regular folks need their rest. Thanks Doc Serio