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| March, 12 2020 | for Ann H. Radcliffe, MD

Leaving my house one morning, I was listening to the Radio and heard that the Twin Towers had been hit by two separate Airplanes. My Appointment with Dr. Radcliff was that morning. So I continued my journey to her office to downtown Houston where she at that time officed in a hi-rise building.
As she came into my room, I told her where was everyone, because that was the emptiest waiting room I had ever seen. She told me because of what happen to the Twin Towers in New York, everyone was scared to come in. She said that she came on it in case any of her patients showed up, and I was the only one!
We laughed and she finished and I told her I was thankful for her tenacity. That is the kind of person and Doctor she is. None better. Glad she is my Doctor.