Above and Beyond

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| January, 18 2024 | for William T. Weiss, MD

My late husband suffered tremendously for two years with adrenal gland cancer. A very rare and deadly cancer.
He was cared for by Dr William Weiss, in conjunction with the University of Michigan and the cancer center in our town.
Dr Weiss was there for us every time we needed him. For me. For my husband. For my adult children who lived throughout the United States. They would call him with questions and concerns about their dad and about me.
He talked them through multiple crisis situations
- reassuring them. Answering all questions. Showing empathy and concern for our entire family.
After my husband died, Dr Weiss
found and secured a psychologist to help me. It was my saving grace.

One day, not long after David died, I was grocery shopping. I couldn’t control my grief. I was weeping uncontrollably.
I drove directly to Dr Weiss’s office.
He had scheduled patients waiting, yet he took me back to his office immediately.
He talked to me and brought me a cup of tomato soup ( while he still attended to his appointment patients)

All of these caring gestures made me convinced that I had the best doctor ever!

One last and very important and impressive moment.

The aha moment happened as I walked back down the aisle of our church after David’s funeral.
Through my red, swollen, tear stained eyes I saw Dr Weiss sitting in a pew in the rear of the church.
He had chosen to attend David’s funeral rather than that of a distant relative.
He is an excellent physician, a compassionate man and a wonderful friend. All encompassing.