Above and Beyond the call of Duty

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| February, 8 2024 | for William T. Weiss, MD

One and a half years ago I felt myself listing to the left side when standing to walk. Immediately I called my MDVIP doctor who told me to eat nothing and only drink clear liquids. I saw him early the next morning to draw blood , which thankfully ruled out pancreatitis. Yet my abdominal pains persisted.
The next day I was sent for an outpatient MRI
Which indeed revealed a blockage. My doctor insisted that I immediately go to the hospital.
It turns out he not only pre admitted me into the hospital, but he met me at my friend’s car with a wheelchair and took me to preop for surgery which removed seven inches of my colon.
Because of Dr William T. Weiss’s rapid response of selecting the surgeon familiar with my condition, I had surgery that night and awakened in ICU with my daughter who had flown in from NY by my bedside the following morning.
That is why I am so appreciative of my very special MDVIP doctor!!!!