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Steven Jay
| January, 21 2024 | for Sheldon T. Warman, MD
Image provided by: Steven Jay

It all starts several years ago. I taught school down here in Fort Lauderdale and I did NOT have a primary doctor. My uncle, a doctor, recommended Sheldon Warman, MD. My uncle practiced at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx and he practiced with Sheldon's father. So, bottom line, my uncle told me "You are going to be a patient of Dr. Warman. OMG it WAS the best suggestion. I then followed him to MDVIP down here. And this has been the best move of my life. I travel around the world and Dr. Warman makes sure that I have all of the meds and vaccinations that I need each time. Now for a recent operation Dr. Warman provided the most professional guidance that was necessary prior to the operation. He always reassures me about the outcome and gets me "hooked up" with the finest doctors down here. I have chosen a few pictures taken in India while traveling on the train: The Maharaja's Express, THANK YOU DR. WARMAN AND MDVIP!