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| March, 25 2020 | for Zeina Jeha, MD, MPH

When we moved here permanently we interviewed physicians in our search for a primary care doctor. Dr. Jeha immediately impressed us with her warmth and with how personable she was. At the end of our talk she surprised us by saying until we made our selection, if thete were any medical matters that needed attention, she would tend to them. That pretty much sealed the deal as we could see that a person's health and well being are at the forefront of her concern. I travel a lot and spent two months in Europe last spring on a solo backpacking trip. I was able to WhatsApp with her when I needed help, and she is always available here at home. With Dr. Jeha I have total confidence that I will receive the best care, either from her or from a specialist she recommends. This is very important to me since I have several chronic conditions. She is the very best!