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Dianna & Bill 
| March, 11 2020 | for Joann Pfundstein, MD, FACP

We have had several occasions to call/visit Dr. Pfundstein. One when my husband had a "strange bump" in the middle of his hand. We called and she had us come in immediately. She diagnosed it but to be sure she sent him to a "specialist" within the hour of us seeing her. She was correct in her diagnosis but it was comforting that she could get us to a specialist immediately. I had an arrhythmia episode show up on my pacemaker ekg-the cardiologist said it could be thyroid causing it-called Dr. P and went immediately to her office for blood work-everything was ok. We like the fact that she is ALWAYS AVAILABLE and ready to see us - even on weekends. We both think she is very personable and like a friend and we have recommended her to several friends.