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| March, 12 2020 | for Robert E. Ellis, MD

I recently had a fall on a Saturday afternoon and hurt my right side. I was scheduled to go out of town on Monday and contacted Dr. Ellis Sunday afternoon to explain my situation and hesitancy about going out of town while unsure of my status. We discussed the possible problems and treatment indicated. He gave me the option of reporting to the ER or contacting him the next day with an update and possible testing.
I called him Monday morning and requested an x-ray to confirm my status before leaving town for several days. He was able to get this scheduled at a facility within 2 miles of my home. According to my symptoms he called in a prescription for pain medication so I was still able to leave as planned.
Later that afternoon he contacted me with the x-ray results stating that I had 5 rib fractures (which easily explained the amount of pain I was having). He encouraged me to contact him further if the prescribed pain med wasn't sufficient to keep me comfortable. I called the office later in the week and he contacted a local TN pharmacy with another prescription to better control my pain.
I'm very grateful for his availability and help so that I was able to make the trip and attend a special good-bye party for some dear neighbors moving away from our TN home. Dr. Ellis and his office staff are the best!